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"We're not just about sex, we're about you." - The Good Sex podcast is here

"... The Good Sex podcast is somewhere women can talk openly about sex without shame or judgment. It's a space where we explore the relationship between sex and being a woman today. We put sexuality into context highlighting its connections with our mental health, body image, relationships, and our history- to name but a few examples. Usually, sex is segregated into a conversation on its own, as if it's not connected to any other part of our being; we believe this can be damaging and so we purposely created a podcast where we could talk about sex in connection with everything else going on in our lives. We support the whole woman...."


Marta M: What first made you to decide to create a blog and a podcast?

Helen Alison: We created The Good Sex podcast and blog because we wanted to start a real conversation about female sexuality.


M.M: Tell us a little about the TheGoodSex? Why the sexual topic?

Helen Alison: The Good Sex is about creating space to explore and support the relationship between young women and sexuality. On The Good Sex podcast and blog, we’ve opened up the conversation about sex so women can explore what it means to them and where sex fits into their lives. We’re currently in the middle of creating some awesome resources as well, so we can support women in creating the most fulfilling and healthy sex lives for them. We chose to focus on sex because it’s a huge part of many women’s lives and their relationships, yet it’s still “taboo.” The “sex” conversation isn’t easily accessible and that results in a lot of shame and isolation, unfortunately.


M.M: What is the idea behind it?

Helen Alison: We aim to shine a spotlight on the relationship between women and sex; ensuring that sexuality is given the same amount of attention and care as any other significant part of a woman’s life. We hope to facilitate an open, shame-free and healthy environment for women to thrive within.


M.M: How often can we hear the podcast and where?

Helen Alison: A new episode of The Good Sex podcast is released every month and you can listen to it on Soundcloud, Itunes, Acast or Stitcher.


M.M: To whom, the podcast is addressed the most? 

Helen Alison: We create content for women. Particularly women who are struggling with some aspect of their sexuality- whether that be unhealthy relationships or sex after trauma; women who want to have more fulfilling sex lives and are interested in exploring and progressing in this part of their lives; and, women who are feeling isolated and are looking for other women to connect with.


M.M: Where can you see the website and podcast going in the next couple of years? 

Helen Alison: We’re focused on taking lots of small steps forward in the next couple of years. So, we’re hoping to get into British Universities and support young women to aim for sexual wellness and fulfillment. We’re also working on some online resources which will be easily accessible and support a range of sexual situations. Further, we hope to work even more closely with organizations supporting survivors of sexual abuse as this is where our roots are. We began by advocating for survivors and we hope to continue to do so.


M.M: What is the best part of your work?  What is most challenging about it?

Helen Alison: The best part of working on The Good Sex is connecting with other like-minded individuals and projects and collaborating to make a difference to our audiences. When someone is using the space you’ve created and you’ve made a positive difference to them, that’s pretty awesome. The most challenging part of working on The Good Sex is trying to convince people we aren’t just about sex, we’re about women and that actually, sex is a part of that woman as much as anything else. The “sex” talk needs to be in the public sphere instead of hidden away in the shadows. 


M.M: Anything else you would like to say to our readers?

Helen Alison: Just that, The Good Sex is here for every woman. We understand that it can be intimidating, awkward, embarrassing and hard for some to talk about sexuality but we’re your open door. 


You can listen to the podcast on SoundCloud, acast, stitcher and iTunes.

There is an episode every month at 9pm on a Thursday. 



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