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Interview with Sex Toy Reviewer - MyMessyRoom Lady Blogger

I had the chance to ask a few questions to the blogger of MyMessyRoom, about her work as a Sex Toy reviewer.


Marta M: Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

MyMessyRoom: I am a mid-30’s product junkie from just outside Toronto Canada. I love to test out new products of all sorts and share my thoughts with people!


 M.M: How long have you been reviewing sex toys for? And how many have you reviewed? 

MyMessyRoom: My first sex toy review was published almost 1 year ago! I have just finished editing my 10th review! I also have about 10 products that I am somewhere in the process of reviewing! 


M.M: What made you start reviewing sex toys? 

MyMessyRoom: I enjoy using sex toys and just like any other product I want to make sure I am spending my money on a quality product. After completing reviews of some everyday stuff I was longing to write reviews on my toys so just went for it.


M.M: What toy was the most enjoyable to review and test? 

MyMessyRoom: My Njoy Purewand was my favorite to review and test. I had read so many great reviews so was very excited to get started with the testing and then each testing session was a pleasurable learning experience. The toy is versatile and every time I use it I discover something new about how my body responds.


M.M: Do you have a particular method of testing toys? 

MyMessyRoom: My method is to test the toy how everyday people would use it and test the claims of the company. If a toy claims it is waterproof – I try to test that toy in the water.


M.M: Can you describe the process of testing a sex toy?

MyMessyRoom: The process isn’t just getting down to fun tasks. It involves paying attention to every aspect of obtaining a new item. It involves the relationship building to obtain the toy or the decision-making process of what to purchase to review, using the toy several times, writing the review, taking photos, and finishes with posting the final draft.


M.M: How many toys have you tested?

MyMessyRoom: I have tested 20+ toys at this time. Not all have had a review written.


M.M: What is the oddest sex toy you have reviewed?

MyMessyRoom: I don’t view any of the toys I have tested as odd. I have tried to expand my experiences and try new things with the toys I test. What I am interested in may not be what another person is.


M.M: What toys are popular right now? What, in your professional opinion, is the best one out there? 

MyMessyRoom: From what I am reading the suction-based products such as Womanizer and Satisfier are quite popular because it is a new technology. Toys with app compatibility also seem to be gaining popularity such as We-Vibe & Ohmibod. As for the BEST one out there – I can’t pick just one as each serves its own purpose! 


M.M: What’s your favorite review you’ve written? 

MyMessyRoom: My favorite review has been my Njoy Purewand. It was genuinely a great experience from researching the toy to testfavoriteoy. I have not found a product that has helped teach me so much about my body.


M.M: When looking for, or being asked to review products, is there anything you’d avoid, and why?

MyMessyRoom: As I continue to educate myself on body safe materials I tend to avoid items that I know aren’t made of body safe materials. After hearing horror stories and experiencing some of my own – I believe our bodies deserve great quality products!


M.M: Do you have any interesting hobbies other than sex toy reviewing? 

MyMessyRoom: I am an avid reader and have several small hobbies such as making Perler bead Nintendo coasters, crafty stuff like bullet journaling, and video games. Sex toy reviewing is my most exciting hobby by far! 


M.M: What’s your number one tip to any aspiring sex toy reviewer? 

MyMessyRoom: Start with what you have! Review products you own and don’t be afraid to reach out to companies to inquire about their review programs. The worst that can happen is they say no – the best that you get a new item or two to review. As you build content connecting with companies is still intimidating but gets easier.


M.M: What should people know about looking after sex toys?

MyMessyRoom: Proper care keeps bacteria away, keeps your toy in good condition, and extends the life of the toy. Reading up on the manufacturers recommended care instructions is the best way to care for any toy. I am actually working on a piece for my blog that discusses selecting a toy, selecting a lube for a toy, cleaning a toy, storing a toy, and disposing of a toy so am learning new care techniques as I research!



M.M:  Anything else you want to share with our readers?

MyMessyRoom: There are so many great sex bloggers out there that discuss varying topics of interest! I encourage your readers to check a few out and they are guaranteed to find great things! 


The Reviews of the Sex Toy you can find here:  MyMessyRoom...

Have a great time reading it! 

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