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The adventures of fetish performer - Roxy Galore

I had the possibility to ask few question about Roxy work as a fetish performer. 


Marta M: How did you get started as a fetish performer?

Roxy Galore: I first started as a party performer for all kinds of different parties, which I actually still do. I started going to fetish parties and fell in love. Back then as I was a performer, I really wanted to work at Wasteland. I got in contact with the organization and so it started.


MM: What made you want to become a performer?
I love to dance. And when I saw other performers I thought: I want to also be on stage and do that. You have the space to dance and you get to dress up. I was partying a lot at that time that costs a lot of money. Me and my friend decided to go work for parties and get paid instead of losing money. That worked out very well!


MM: What was your first event/show like?
That would be the first time I had to dance without pants! Butt naked. But that didn’t matter at all. Of course, I was nervous, but the moment I hit the stage I loved it. It felt like I was born for this. It is also so cool to give the audience the energy and see how they react to it. To set the party to a higher level.


MM: Do any memories about it stand out?
The feeling that I loved. To be at the right time in the right place.


MM: Who have you worked with?
I always dance together with my partner: Alexa Ferocious. We develop the acts together and make the costumes ourselves. We also do the make-up and styling ourselves. Sometimes we also work with Iris Flirtatious. We have so much fun together on stage. Three friends having fun!


MM: With project was the most memorable?
My first performance at Milkshake festival. It is an open-minded festival where also a lot of fetishes minded people come to. It was my first pole dance performance and the crowd was very big. I felt like a superstar!


MM: What is your personal fetish?
I discovered I like to have sex in places where other people are. So, fetish parties are perfect for that.


MM: What gives you the biggest rush?
To see that my performance has an effect on the crowd! It is amazing to give energy and receive it back from the audience.


MM: What are your hobbies?
My number one hobby is pole dancing. It’s a good total body workout combined with dancing. I wouldn’t be happy without being able to dance.


MM: Who are your heroes?
I meet a lot of great performers who can do amazing stuff and have the most amazing costumes. I get inspired by them and it gives me a lot of energy and new ideas.


MM: Do you have any other upcoming projects or events you would like to mention?
For the first time this summer, Wasteland will be having a summer festival on the 15th of July. I think it’s going to be very special!


MM: Anything else you would like to say to our readers?
Thank you, and have a great time on Wasteland 2017 and see you there. See you at Wasteland! Enjoy the wildest party and go crazy by just being you!


More information about Roxy you can find on her Facebook Page 

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Marta M.

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