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“We believe that in the future, many people will enjoy virtual love with an interactive sex toy.”

Currently, most erotic VR experiences are restricted to taking the traditional concept of porn movies and transferring it into the virtual reality. Put differently: The users are right in the scene, but they are still just spectators, there is no interaction. But there are exceptions: Already two years ago, Hong Kong-based company BKK launched an interactive masturbator to bridge this gap. Now, they follow this toy up with their latest product, the Stroking Bracelet, which enables users to experience the same kind of interactivity with other masturbators. Enzo Kwan, CEO of BKK, tells us about the product and the latest developments at his company.


BKK recently released the “Stroking Bracelet“. What can you tell us about this product, and how is it used?
Enzo Kwan: The BKK stroking bracelet is a totally new concept for adult toys. You don’t need a stroker, only this tiny bracelet to play with the interactive BKK content. The advanced BKK virtual sex system has been built into this tiny bracelet, there are motion sensors and control buttons which provide the same function as the BKK stroker, and it is easy to store when you travel. You can even explore more ways to use the bracelet, such as matching it with any of the strokers you already have; this way, you convert them into intelligent sex toys. The BKK VR Stroker combines a traditional masturbation cup with innovative motion sensing technology. Your every thrust will be transmitted to the sexy babe in the interactive video.


Can the Stroking Bracelet only be used in combination with the BKK Headset or is it also compatible with other products?
While perfect for the VR headset and BKK stroker, BKK’s stroking wristband can also be combined with any other traditional masturbation cups as well, and consumers can also enjoy BKK’s interactive contents with just the tiny wristband. Here are three modes of enjoyment.

  1. Wrist mode: After connecting to the APP via bluetooth, you can move the wrist device in any direction to control the movie.
  2. Bundled stroker: For male users’ pleasure, strap the wrist device on the BKK’s stroker in the set
  3. Using with other masturbators: The wrist device is compatible with any male sex toy. Simply strap the device around your toys to turn it an interactive VR device.


Before we talk more about the Bracelet, could you give us some information on the BKK System of VR content and products?
“Make V Love” is the vision of BKK. We believe that in the future, many people will enjoy virtual love with an interactive sex toy. Even if your girlfriend is around, she will let you have fun with various girl types in the app. BKK’s system is all about interactive or VR content.


Until now, the BKK Virtual Reality headset could only be used with the BKK VR Stroker, a specially designed masturbator. Why did you choose to add the option of using the Bracelet?
As mentioned above, we hope consumers enjoy interactive content even if they don’t have the BKK’s masturbation cup. With this bracelet, people can have a special interactive experience with their own stroker – just strap the bracelet onto the stroker and use the buttons on the device to interact.


Which features does the Bracelet offer and are they different from the Stroker?
Generally, the bracelet provides the same functions as the first generation of BKK cybersex cup. However, the wristband device costs less and allows users to have fun with interactive content while using their own favourite masturbation cup.


BKK has been on the market for erotic VR entertainment since 2015. A lot has changed in the past two years with respect to this technology. What were the most important changes in your opinion?
VR has blossomed during the past two years and we also devoted lots of time and resources to this technology, as evidenced by our VR all-in-one machine. While VR technology and devices have seen many advancements and improvements in this short period of time, we believe there are still lots of ways to enrich the experience, for instance through innovative new products, which could also introduce some real changes to adult industry.


“VR has blossomed during the past two years and we also devoted lots of time and resources to this technology, as evidenced by our VR all-in-one machine.”


Can your VR device and the Bracelet / Stroker be used with every video available or does the user need content produced especially for your system?
For interactive purposes, all content needs be specially produced for this more realistic interactive experience.


How does the interactivity between the devices and the video work?
With the built-in motion sensor, the wristband can sense how fast the user strokes and transfers that speed onto the girls’ movements in the app. Besides, there are some buttons on the band which can be used to control the app, for example to change positions.


When will the Bracelet be available in Europe and how much will it cost?
We just been finished mass manufacturing of the Bracelet, and we are ready for the market. The suggested retail price will be USD 59.00 per unit.


Are you working with distributors in Europe? Where can interested retailers buy your products?
Yes, we will work with distributors in Europe to promote sales in EU. Distributors who are interested in the product can contact [email protected] for more information. With innovative concepts, great interactive experiences, perfect product quality, and great retail support, we believe that this will be a great product to introduce to the EU market


Is BKK working on creating a complete VR ecosystem? Which innovations can we expect from your company in the future?
BKK will keep working on new technologies, including but not limited to VR. For instance, we are working on products to create interaction between live cam performers and adult sex toys. We will continue to look out for new tech, new concepts, and new development opportunities. All of our innovation will always be centered on providing the best user experience to consumers and bringing some new ideas to the adult industry.

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