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Interview with courtesan at the world famous Mustang Ranch - Kitti Minx

Kitti Minx is the erotic pseudonym of talented young women. Since a young age, she was interested in cosplay hobby and she did also part-time professional modeling. She's dabbled in many forms of adult entertainment including gogo dancing, burlesque, working as both a pro submissive and dominatrix for dungeons, performer/model for fetish parties, a nude & erotic model for photographers, amateur adult XXX videos, and a few professional XXX clips.

She recently becomes a legal professional courtesan working out of Nevada brothels and we had the possibility to ask about her work and future in the erotic business. 


TEG: Tell me about Kitti Minx. What kind of girl were you growing up, family life, school life, etc?
Kitti Minx: Intellectual genius; a social idiot. I was always shy and didn’t always share common interests with my peers. I genuinely loved reading and learning, even things most kids hated and found boring. I didn’t realize it at the time but my beyond perfect scores every year on standardized tests were what helped keep my schools afloat if not get even more funding. I got picked on a lot for taking special classes and being isolated. Kids didn’t realize I was in a different kind of “Special Ed” and it left a lasting impression on me on just how cruel people can be. As well as how intimidated people can be by those who actively display a higher intelligence. Because I didn’t socialize well my family vetoed me skipping grades but I still graduated high school very early. No cap and gown. No celebration. Just handed my diploma and was told there was nothing left for the system to teach me.  So it took me longer to learn social skills and approaches to things like sexuality. For a long time, I was clinical and matter-of-fact. If I was attracted to a person, regardless of gender ( because I was never really taught the social norm of sticking to those sort of binaries or that there was a stigma outside of what was the normalized nuclear bubble ) I openly expressed to. To put it short - I was quite weird. Still am. But I learned to accept and embrace it. 

TEG: How did you come up with your name?
Kitti Minx: Quite random, actually. I’d gone through other aliases in the past until I learned more about copyright law. Most of my aliases have a “cat” theme. I’m sure there’s some deep Freudian psychological reason for it but really it was just random. It happened to not get many hits with Google so I nabbed it in 2014.  Funny random fact - when I first got started as a courtesan the person who processed my info thought my legal name was my alias. However, I think that says less about me and more about the lack of thought my parents put into naming me and how my first and last name sounded together. Interesting how things like that happen. 

TEG: What made you decide to try escorting? How did you get into it?
Kitti Minx: I’d like to make a very distinct correction - I’m not an escort. At least, not in the sense the average person who knows what that word means. I do sex work legally with a license and everything at a legal brothel in Nevada. I don’t work the deep web or out of hotel rooms or the streets or any of that. While I disagree strongly with the reasons behind prostitution being illegal in the United States I still feel strongly about obeying the laws until they are changed. As to how I got into it - by chance, really. I never put a lot of emotional weight on sex. And it hit me after I started gaining a sizable following for my cosplay and modeling and people were trying to make under the table offers - why was I giving away what many were seeing as an obvious commodity for free? Sure, for most people that would register as “don’t be a slut”, but for me it became “only give it away for free to the truly special and deserving, who I connect with on a deep mental and emotional level, but why not open the door to those willing to pay for it”.  When I came to this realization I remembered an old email I’d gotten about from a famous brothel owner and I’d declined at the time but years later when I thought about it went back and emailed him. A few months later I flew out to Nevada. I no longer work for that owner nor that establishment, I’ve moved my work someplace where my style of working fits better but that is my origin story for getting into prostitution, specifically - since I was 18 I’d already been an Adult model, fetishist, and webcam performer. 

TEG: From where come the ide for Cosplay Courtesan?
Kitti Minx: While still very much a niche, the world of cosplay is a growing one. Geek culture is becoming mainstream culture. Many people fantasize about their favorite characters from cartoons, comics, shows, movies, and games. I’d been doing cosplay as a hobby for over a decade and I figured I could turn these fantasies into realities. Obviously, given I still, do it I made the right call and prediction. I’ve made myself well over 50 character costumes, toured the country as a cosplayer, won awards, etc. Now I just take it the next level to the Adult Industry as well so more people can appreciate it at a whole new level. 

TEG: What was your first experience like?
Kitti Minx: I disassociated immediately. I got picked out of the lineup and felt like a piece of meat. Not the most positive start. The person was someone who is outside this job I never would’ve considered any form of intimacy within a million years. But they made the right offer for what I was willing to give and did the deed while I let my mind wander for half an hour until the time was up. As I got more experienced and learned more about the business and industry I don’t approach it like that anymore. But I think anyone’s first time doing this can be jarring and the mind has to compensate somehow. 

TEG: What’s the best part of the job? The worst part?
Kitti Minx: The best part of the job is getting to meet a diverse array of people from all walks of life and from all over the world. Getting to hear so many different stories and experiences. It’s incredible and inspiring. The worst part, however, is the stigma associated with the work and the people who are assholes and think sex workers should be treated as subhuman as they feel we don’t have self-respect. I’d like for there to be a day where I can go out in public and say “I’m a sex worker” and no one makes a face or bats an eye - it’s no different than working a cash register or cleaning houses - but that day isn’t today. It’s not illegal and it’s not hurting anyone - I can argue there are several well-respected high paying legal professions that do way more harm to people than what I do. But the stigma is still there and I have to be aware of it. So around some people, I still have to sort of live a double life. It sucks. 

TEG: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever been asked to do?
Kitti Minx: I didn’t realize it until some time into our session but this customer was clearly high on something - and he suddenly really wanted me to pretend to be his young barely teenaged daughter. I had to fight back the urge to smash his head into the wall. Few things faze me but that legitimately made me nauseous to hear. When we were done I escorted him out but told him if he came back I didn’t feel we had the right chemistry and he’d need to get his specific….needs met with someone else. 

TEG: What sort of person do you think you have to be in order to be a good courtesan?
Kitti Minx: Someone with a great deal of empathy, patience, persistence, and resilience. Contrary to common belief this is no getting rich quick scheme - though it’s always possible for anyone to get lucky. There’s no such thing as easy money. We’re not getting rich lying on our backs spreading our legs. Anyone who approaches this business thinking like that tends not to last long. They burn out or get frustrated when things don’t work out like they imagined. Like any other job, any other business, there’s bustling times and slow times. You need the patience to ride out the low tides and persistence to make the most of the high. Then to get and keep regulars you need to be capable of a great deal of empathy - all kinds of folks seek the services of sex workers.  You sometimes have to hear some of the most heartbreaking things and be able to make that person’s day brighter. In this line of work, many people and things will be out to knock you down and own so resilience is also key to thriving and being successful. 

TEG: Are you working toward an ultimate goal? Or, do you find this work something you want to do in the long-term?
Kitti Minx: If I wrote a book about my life I’d probably title it “So That Happened”. I take things one day at a time. I have small goals, but no, I don’t see myself doing this long-term. I’ve already been doing it almost two and a half years. It takes its tolls. And I have things I’m pursuing outside of this I’m looking to see to full fruition. However, I will still always advocate for sex workers and sex work in general as being a viable and respectable means of making a living. 

TEG: What do you think is the biggest misconception about working in the sex industry?
Kitti Minx: 
That it’s something seedy, dirty, and gross and only desperate people become sex workers or seek out the services of one. Where I work, The Mustang Ranch is gorgeous and beyond professional. It looks like a luxury resort pretty much and very professionally run. I quite like it. And the truth is, not as many people as one might think come for sex. Many just want to talk - make a connection. They have things in their lives where it’s hard to make those connections just meeting people or pursuing a relationship. It’s easier to pay for it. Especially those who lost partners to death or went through a messy divorce. Plus nowadays many people are so busy with their jobs and careers they don’t have much time to cultivate relationships and hookup culture can be risky. Legal brothels are clean, safe environments and everything is discreet. People are comfortable. Other sex workers I’ve met are very smart individuals who all have their reasons for doing this job and it’s not out of desperation or lack of options. Many of us just genuinely enjoy sex and helping others explore their sexuality. That shouldn’t be shamed or condemned. We’re told our whole lives when we’re young to “pursue our passions and talents” for our job choices but suddenly it’s not okay when that happens to be sex? Doesn’t make much sense to me. 

TEG: What are your passions outside of this business?
Kitti Minx: The Arts - I love to read, write, draw, act, make music, all of it. I’m a huge patron of the arts. I’m also an advocate for the environmental sciences. I’ve worked on documentary films about animals - marine mammals in particular. I work tirelessly to raise awareness for endangered species no one really thinks about, particularly whales and dolphins. My dream is to be the first person to film an underwater live birth of an orca ( killer whale) as the only video footage of those births have been in captive settings so far. And I run my own tech startup that’s starting to gain traction. There’s a whole lot more to me than meets the eye. 


More information about Kitti you can find on Twitter and her website.

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