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Penis Hanger - the most natural way of penis enlargement...

TEG team was taking part of the erotic event in Berlin - Venus Berlin 2017. They meet interesting people and saw a lot of new products on the German market. One of them was P-Hanger. 

What is P-Hanger? 

P-hanger stands for maximum penis enlargement. The penis hanger is a novel device used for penis enlargement. In contrast to other stretching devices, where only the glans is fixed and the penis is stretched in an angled way, this hanger actually fixes the whole penis. Due to a specifically designed hanger, you can achieve an extension and enlargement of the suspensory ligament.Unlike other products that use springs or vacuum, the penis-hanger is the most effective method for natural penis enlargement. You won’t feel like wasting time, as you can easily do other things besides, like watching TV, reading a good book or simply relaxing in a comfortable chair.


How did you come up with this idea? And why?

Four years ago I started with this idea, I did our first version of it and then I improved the shape and the form of the PHanger and after three years I said okay, the product is working I will try to make money out of it. 


How does penis hanger work? Is it's safe? Do men need to wear it all the time? ( all day) or just for few hours?

The gol of “hanging” is to stretch the suspensory ligament and thus to enlarge your genitals – a process, which can take up to a few months. In a penile surgery, the suspensory ligament is cut, which will cause the penis to descend and shift forward. Hence, the internal course of the penis is straightened out and the shape will be less bent.
In the second step, once your penis exit angle has fallen to 6 -7 o’clock and once the suspensory ligament is fully extended, you will no longer let the weights hang down to the ground, but hang sideways, over the shoulder or fulcrum in order to stretch the septum of the penis.
The extended suspensory ligament no longer distorts the traction and allows stretching the septum. Thus, the internal part of the penis can now also be extended using the penis hanger. In this step you’ll be able to enlarge your penis by additional centimeters.

We have instruction and proper routine to get the best results.


Is this edition of Venus its first for you? What reaction did you get when you showcased the product here on Venus?

Yes, it’s first one for us. Many people – special men feel attacked because they think okay, I have a big penis already I don't need it. But, I can see that some of them walking around second or third time and starting to pick up our brochures to read it.


What do you expect after Venus?

That, I will have more feedback from my customer that and that we gain a bigger community. From the respond what we have, we can improve our product and our guides. I learned a lot about what the end customer is like, where are his problems to understand the product and so on.



More information about P-Hanger you can find on website and Twitter  

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