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Nikita Klosewood is a French dancer/performer based in Paris, performing her shows all around France, Europe, and the world. Through sophisticated sets of costumes, make-up, accessories, lights and music, Nikita makes her audience feel like they are in a sensual and erotic dream. I had the possibility to see Nikita Klosewood phenomenal acrobatic harness show on April Wasteland 2017 and decide to ask for an interview. 


Marta M: Can you tell me more about your background – how did you get into the performer industry? How did you become a performer? What made you want to do this?

Nikita Klosewood: Since I was 12 years old I'm fascinated by the cabaret showgirls, burlesque corsets, all this universe was like something very beautiful for me. And then, when I was a teenager I began to listen some rock and metal bands, wear fetish and goth clothes, going into fetish partys. I did modern jazz classes and lot of dance on this time. I was first modelling for fashion shows in France at La Nuit Demonia (Catanzaro...) and for Torture Garden Clothing. But I wanted to do more, I wanted to create my own costumes, my own shows, my own universe I had a lot of visions in my mind of entire scenery with outfits, musics, lights, I wanted to tell stories and bring people in my own universe. So I began to do Burlesque shows in Paris, then fetish shows, combining big costumes and make up and acrobatic moves on pole dance. Then more and more ideas of universes, characters, stories cames on my mind, gothic creatures, freaky circus, dark fairy tales, fetish geisha, latex outfits  and each time I learnt more : how to do fire, ho to do aerial hoop in a circus school, how to use pyrotechnics, I told also some designers to create big costumes for me. Then I did more and more shows in some partys in france, europe, then the world in lot of nightclubs, discotheques, fetish events, rock/metal festival, and underground universe, cabaret, tattoo conventions I I bought my own pole dance stage and my own aerial hoop. I always took care tof having lot of good pictures of each show I did and videos to promote it in the goal to do more and more shows on some events and extend it to the rest of the world.


MM: Do you remember the first show you had? Tell us about it.


NK: Yes It was a bloody fetish show with a girlfriend of mine in a Gothic Party in France. We had lot of fun! 


MM: Do you follow any routine when you preform or you creating each show special? Can you expand on your creative process, from choosing a topic of your show to an outfit? Do you create your outfit by yourself? 

NK: I have no routine to create some show, Ideas just came on my mind, It can happens at every moment, everywhere. The vision of a beautiful place, an inspiring movie, a light, a music which makes me vibrates... then I begins to imagine an entire universe and scenery in my mind that I want to show to others by creating it. Sometimes I create my costumes (lot of headpieces and accessories are made from me, I also create special fire props for specific ideas like aerial hoop with fire...) and sometimes I just let designers do costumes for me. I tell them my idea and they realize it exactly as I imagined it.


MM:  What is the best part of your work? What is most challenging about the job?

NK: The best part of the work is when I can see on the pictures or videos that I created exactly the universe I wanted to show to the audience.

It's very challenging to learn to do new things. Spitting fire, aerial hoop, acrobatic harness... Sometimes It's scary but I love to reach my goals and to be the best version of myself. When I want to do something which makes me deeply vibrate I put all my energy on It with my acts and my my thoughts to realize my dreams cause we all can do huge things if we believe in it deeply.


MM: What you like the most: Pole dance, preform with firer, aerial acrobatic performance?

NK: I like to combine differents skills on my shows to make on stage a very strong impact. Spittinf fire on the top of a pole dance, aerial hoop with strip tease on the air, bed of nails with grinder, piercings acts... Everything I can do to make my show powerfull with a strong final visual impact.


MM: If you weren’t doing what you are now, where would you work?

NK: Something in the artistic industry, definitly. I made 10 years of piano and 6 years of violin so I compose for my own pleasure, but as my parents are both music teachers I know that music can be something that could be something I use for working. I also give pole dance workshops sometimes. I made design studies, draw and paint a lot, I plan to learn how to do tattoo practice this summer as I can also do my drawings on people's skin in the future as a tattoo artist.


MM: What are your ambitions for the future?

NK: Continue to realize my dreams, performing in the events that makes me vibrate, learn more skills in aerial (aerial hoop, harness, pole dance), and developp my compagny Mystical Tribes.


MM: Congratulations on the great show as an Ice Quean on Wasteland. Love it, by the way, J  Witch part of your show you like the most?

NK: Ohhh thanks !! What I liked the most was to be putted on the air with my acrobatic harness. It was an incredible feeling of freedom and happyness. 


MM: What do you think about Wasteland Aquaphilia Edition?

NK: Amsterdam Wasteland party, main stage and all parts of the area was just amazing with the huge decoration, the lights, the music so It's like being in another world the time of the night and It's each time a magic moment to be in Wasteland to perform.


MM: What you did like and what you didn't about this edition of Wasteland?

NK: I liked everything instead carying all my big luggages of costumes and driving my car all the road! The most difficult part of the job is to arrive exausted and It's quite difficult to be on stage with lot of energy after a long road and preparation but I like my job and Show must go on!


MM:  Where and when we can see you performing on another event/part?

NK: I will be performing in next Unleashed (DUBLIN, 24th & 25th June)  and also modelling on this event for the fashion shibari designer Fred Kyrel, then I will be in Wasteland Summerfest Edition (AMSTERDAM 15th July) and Wasteland Burtonesque Edition (AMSTERDAM, 25th November).



MM: We can see you have also your own company “Mystical Tribes”. 

NK: Mystical Tribes is a team of 5 girls, we all have a specific character and costume, the shamanic universe is put together with dark, sexy, fantastic, heroic fantasy, big fire and aerial performance all together on stage with choreography, lights and story on a strong music to bring the audience in our ritual.


MM: What motivates you and your team to create it? Why name “Mystical Tribes”? What is so special about it?

NK: The idea of creating a team came last summer, after performing on the 2016 HELLFEST FESTIVAL (FRANCE) as a performer with 3 girlfriends of mine performers as well. Everybody in the audience was like "Are you a team ?" and I was like "Ok, now It's time to create my own team, and not doing only shows by myself". 

I kept with me 1 girl which was performing with me on this event and 3 others I choose them for their skills and beauty (we are 5 girls in Mystical Tribes). One of the girls wanted to create a mystical team and I wanted to create a fire team with big costumes so I decided to create our first thematic: Voodoo and Shamanic costumes.

 I created the firsts costumes, took a photographer, a cameraman, did a website, youtube channel, promotional video, Facebook, Instagram and begin to create our show with the girls. Now we all act together to make costumes, choreography, practice fire, putting together all our ideas to make the team beautiful and powerful.


MM:  Anything else you would like to say to our readers?

NK: You can all realize your biggest dreams if it makes you vibrate deeply. Create the life you want to have with your acts, your words, and your thought. We attract the vibes we spread. I'm a lot into spirituality and that helps me a lot... Think positive and you will attract positive. Be the best version of yourself and be what you wanna see in the world.


MM: Do you have any other upcoming projects or events you would like to mention?

NK: Sleep! I didn't have the time to sleep haha so I would like to sleep more and rest!




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