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Meet the The first kink lifestyle brand - PLAY!


As the website says: "...PLAY is the first kink lifestyle brand...." PLAY brand is seeking to inspire and guide vanilla people in the world of kink. 

on the website, you can find Playbox Store for kinky toys and products. Playbox is the perfect way to either explore kink for the first time in the privacy of your own home or to discover new products and add variety to your kink life.


We ask few question CEO of PLAY Brand and PlayBox Sasha about the brand and box. 


What is the inspiration for PLAY Brand?


Sasha: PLAY was created in Los Angeles in early 2016 as a kink lifestyle brand. As an active member of the kink community, our CEO Sasha discovered a business gap in the market. Specifically, according to an article in The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality, over 50% of people in the US are somewhat interested in kink, but less than 13% have ever tried anything kinky. This is likely because many people who might be interested in kink still view it as underground, alternative, and/or scary. Sasha, along with the help of her business partner Sir Rucifer, a professional male Dom, decided to demystify kink and bring it to the mainstream with a healthy dose of fun. Focusing on fun, safety, and kink education, Play aims to be the premier kink brand in the US and ultimately worldwide.




How did you come up with the idea to create it?


Sasha: Inspiration hit us when our founder was looking for information and kink-specific dating websites and found that nothing out there met her needs.




Is there a box you recommend for first-time users to get the best experience?    


Sasha: Yes, the Intro Playbox is perfect for first-time users. It comes with an assortment of toys, including an ergonomic blindfold, Wartenberg wheel, wooden paddle, tickler, and sexy suggestions for use. It's a really great and fun way of experiencing kink without feeling in over your head.




Do you have any new and exciting products you can tell us about? 


Sasha: In addition to adding more options to the Playboxes, the next thing we are working on is a kinky dating app. Sign up for updates on that!




Which box product is a hit right now? What are the bestsellers?


Sasha: The Impact Playbox is definitely a bestseller. It's a step up from the Intro Playbox and is an entry product into impact play, a staple of many kinky experiences.



More information about PLAY Brand you can find on the website  and you can also follow them on Facebook Twitter and Instagram .



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