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Digita Erotic Art - H. Samarel

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H. Samarel is a digital erotic artist known for his distinctive style and erotically charged images of women and human sexuality. Samarel's work draws heavily on the influences of Salvador Dali and H.R. Giger, which have contributed to the formation of his unique and vibrant style. Samarel's work is currently featured in three consecutive volumes of "The World's Greatest Erotic Art of Today", and has been exhibited at numerous galleries, exhibitions, and festivals all over the world.

I was lucky enough to have the possibility to ask H. Samarel few question about his person and art. 



MN: Could you introduce yourself and tell us a little about your online shop/gallery? What made you want to create it?

HS: My name is H. Samarel. Divorced with kids and a new supportive woman by my side and bed. I am an artist living in Israel.
My real home is the internet because I actually post my art all over the web: Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr etc. But my main gallery is on my website which I established in 2002. After having no success in trying to market my erotic art in the 'real world' I decided to create my own website. I had a great urge to publish my art away from my small country and the internet was the best option for me, actually, it still is. My art is available on canvas prints for anyone, anywhere in the world.


MN: What first got you interested in creating erotic digital art? What attracted you to do it?
HS: My job is web design so I work with photoshop everyday. But I am also a man with great passion for sex and love. It is obvious that I would want to express

This passion together with my visual skills made me choose digital art. It also fits the need to share my art quickly around the world and sell it as prints. I don't have a traditional 'original' piece made with oil paint or other painting technique. Instead, I create many pieces that can be printed over and over again. This way it is available to more people who are interested in affordable erotic art for their bedroom.


MN:  Pieces you sell are very sexual, what makes sex a good subject matter?
HS: Sex is the BEST subject matter in MY eyes. The eyes of a Scorpio man who lives through passion, sex, love and lust on a daily basis. Picasso said that every art is erotic. Well, I say that a piece of erotic art is worth a thousand pictures...What can be more beautiful than the view of a couple making love? This is the essence of life.


MN: What makes your art different from others?
HS: Every erotic artist brings his own style into the theme called 'erotic art'. My art is unique in its metallic vibrant style and in choosing the act of making love as the subject matter, rather than just painting nice naked women on satin sheets. I manipulate photos and drawings, adding colors and shapes, expressing the energy of love making which is always on my mind during the art process.


MN: Do you have one piece that is a particular a favorite?
HS: The piece called "Kink Hug" is very special to me, along with "Enter my mind" (I will attach the images here). 'Kink Hug' was a journey of few months and I really didn't want to end it. "Enter my mind" expresses my unique style perfectly. My dream is seeing this piece printed on a huge canvas and hung on the wall of the 'Moma' museum in the USA.


MN: What was the most expensive piece you've ever sold?
HS: "Spoon me" was ordered in a huge size for a large bedroom. The price was expensive due to the printing and shipping expenses.


MN: Do you do any types of art piece other than erotica?
HS: I did a small collection of art for the office, which is featured on my website. I also did few collages mixing design with modern art and some old renaissance paintings. But the most non-erotic creation of mine is the graphic novel 'Aliena and the quest for altering love', which I created in 2002 as an option for an SF movie. It is not considered erotic art although the main figures are very erotic.


MN: What are your ambitions for the future?
HS: I have shown my art in several exhibitions in the USA, but didn't get to the big museums yet. I want to get there. And I also want to sell my art prints all over the world. I had orders from Russia, Australia, New Zealand, India, Thailand...this makes me very pleased to know my art is familiar with those countries and every client is a dear person to me. Marketing and selling my art in China is my big ambition.

MN: Where can fans purchase your art apart your website?

HS: Apart of my website, my art can be purchased on the website



MN: Do you want to share with us anything else about your art?
By creating my erotic visions, soft and explicit, I claim that sex and erotica should NOT be considered as something wrong or forbidden. My paintings are all over the walls at home. I also have kids, but they will grow up with no inhibitions towards sex. The violence we see in the movies is the real pornography and it is not forbidden. Sex is natural, it is the beauty of our existence and I am expressing this beauty every day. This is my great passion.


Thanks for reading me, and my mind. See you on my website:                                        

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