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LELO - Sex Toys of the future...

LELO Inc. is Swedish company focused on high-quality pleasure products with high-end prices helping to enhance healthy, more vibrant relationships. 

LELO name originally stood for Luxury Erotic Lifestyle Objects, but now it means so much more.   Today LELO is known around the world as the company behind the world's best pleasure objects, but it all started back in 2003 when three friends -- engineer Filip Sedic and industrial designers Eric Kalén and Carl Magnuson.

They were once in Sweden looking for a gift for a friend but were not finding anything that looked appealing enough. Trying to come out with a product that people want but what was not available on the market yet.  They saw this as an opportunity to create and design their own product. Come with a product that would be appealing to women and does not look like a toy, also being a rechargeable product which is environmentally friendly.  The Lily was the first product and is actually still own the market and is still one of the best selling products. It’s a clitoris vibrator.


Visiting Venus Berlin 2017 I had the opportunity to talk with Svenja Schön -  the marketing and PR communication manager from LELO.


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your position in LELO?

Svenja Schön:  I do Marketing PR & Communications and I’m responsible for the region of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. I started working at Lelo a little bit over a year ago.I didn’t study to go into the erotic branch but that thing that fascinated me about Lelo were the products. I started working here by first thinking let me have a look at the behind scenes of Lelo. I like that Lelo is international because we have people from all over the world. We have people from America, Asia, and Europe. And working with people from all over the world give you the input of the different cultures. And Lelo is very open and welcoming so thoughts and visions about toys from everyone is a melting point at the end. And this is why I stayed at Lelo.



Where does LELO get their inspirations for the products?

Svenja Schön: Lots of different cultures different people and the founders which are surprisingly men. They have the design and the technical background. When developing a new toy, its pretty much like developing a new car. You make schedules and the prototype. you have a look at it, kale a few changes. Other colleges are there and they have their input what could make it in proof in another way by leaving out something or adding something else. So its input from different developers and non-developers checking the products to see what can be interesting.



What makes Lelo different from other toy companies?

Svenja Schön: Lelo started 15 years ago. So Lelo is a pioneer in the sex branch. Nowadays you have a lot of toys that do not exactly look like sex toys. 15-16 years ago things were different. For women, you had that penis toys and you didn’t have any stylish looking toys that have a nice texture. Other toys have a different texture, kind of sticky material. Lelo I think is different because they started bringing out toys with a new image and staying far being the cheap look and creating beautiful designs and ‘feel good’ material. Giving women a toy that they actually like feeling and touching.



Where in the world is the biggest market for Lelo?

Svenja Schön: In Germany of course and UK, the Netherlands and the Nordic countries. And also the US  and Asia market is a big market.



Which toy would you recommend a first-time user?

Svenja Schön: I would recommend the toy called Soraya. This because there are many possibilities in using it. For a first time user, I wouldn’t recommend one that only has one function. So the Soraya you can use it inside the clitoris, outside. So this is a good toy that will help you figure out what you like. For women with orgasms problems, I recommend SONA.



It's not the first time LELO is on Venus. What are the reactions from the visitors here?

Svenja Schön: It’s been really fascinating. It's a way for us to meet the consumers personally. Many times we do not actually meet the consumers so its a great way of actually doing that., meeting people that actually buy our products. It’s interesting to hear the vision of the products. Being that some have one or two products, one for themselves or one more that they use as a couple.
Something that changes between the first time we were here and this last time is that people are more interested in knowing about the products. In general, more people are using toys, they actually started talking about it.                                         


More information about LELO you can find on  they website and also on social media Twitter Facebook

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