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The luxury ride-on sex furniture - Vivian Technology

Vivian Technology, company of Istvan Keszei design and product the world first high-tech luxury sex chair. Istvan is launching his new unique product for the first time on the exhibition EroFame 2017. 

I had the possibility to ask few question  the designer  - Istvan Keszei


Marta M: What do you find most challenging in the design process?

Istvan Keszei: The most challenging part was to designing and creating of the sitting surface. After completing the sketches, computer modeling went in parallel with 1:1 scale physical modeling and ergonomic testing at the same time. Due to the complexity of the top surface of the chair, it was also difficult to engage with leather material. I have created a new technology for using the classic diamond pattern for leatherwork, making this custom look a much more distinctive design.



 M.M: What inspired you to become a furniture maker?

Istvan Keszei: I am the inventor of Vivian Technology’s chair and a freelance designer and lecturer at several universities. Answering the question, I do not consider myself a furniture maker. I'm a designer. This concept was born out of a response to a problem I have raised, based on market research. Since I started working as a designer, I was always in search for a new design challenge and this is how I found myself creating innovation in the sex industry. I found that area where design could have needed. One of my areas in the field of education is the Innovative Materials and Technologies, so the use of innovative technology within the VT is no coincidence. Many of my research has shown that most of the furniture-type sexual aids have a very industrial appearance, especially for sex machines. Actually a lot of well-designed handheld small objects in the field of sexual aids but not many large, furniture-like sexual aids. Some machine is more like a drill or cutter, it is not sexy at all, sometimes even aggressive. Sexual products are becoming more popular and therefore I think as a designer, the design is becoming more and more important in this area.



M.M: How long have you been working to create your piece?

Istvan Keszei: I started the sex chair project in 2012. My design target was to develop an aesthetic luxury ride-on sex furniture for the 21st century that comes to life through the judicious use of luxury materials and smart technology. A perfect product is a good balance of form, emotion, technology, and function all in one. I did start my concept with one question. How can I make the controlling of a love chair more natural? After I did make many design concept, I spent over three years to create a functional prototype, where smart technology is combined with a “form follow function” design.



M.M: Can the chair be used by 2 people at the same time? 

Istvan Keszei: The purpose of the chair is one person at the time, but ergonomically the top front part of the chair is perfect for a second person to sit down to face the user. Besides this complete control of the chair is computer-based so the control can be entirely from a tablet or phone and therefore the use can be also considered between two persons.


M.M: Can the inside vibrator be changed for a different one? 

Istvan Keszei: The vibrator is interchangeable. Since this is still a prototype condition, accurate data is not available about the vibrator options. The chair will be available with its own branded vibrator with an optional size and hardness selection.


You can meet  Istvan Keszei and see the chair first time on the exhibition in Europe - EroFame 2017  on 11th-13th October 2017 Hannover / Germany -  Booth # 143.

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