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OhGush - everything about squirting !

Had the possibility to ask few questions an exceptional woman who creat blog about an aspect of female ejaculation (also known as “squirting” and “gushing”) -


TEG: What kind of girl where you growing up?

Rose: My teenage years were a very sexually repressed time for me. My parents were strict Catholics, and I had (what I now consider to be) very unnatural and archaic ideas of sex drilled into me from fairly young age. I was taught that homosexuality was against nature and that a woman that has sex outside of marriage is a dirty slut. Basically, their belief that having sex for pleasure and not procreation made you a bad person. I still feel some resentment towards my father for bringing me with his ‘Madonna-whore’ viewpoint of women, but I also remind myself that this is a result of his own issues, insecurities, and fears around sex and female sexual power.

I was also put on a high dose of a strong anti-depressant called Zoloft from a GP when I was around 16 years old, which severely stunted my sexual growth. It also gave me anorgasmia. It wasn’t until I weaned myself off these drugs at 23 that all of a sudden I felt like my natural self; a human being that felt a range of emotions including sexual desires. It was around this time that I also began to realize that I was same-sex attracted.


TEG: How did you become a blogger? What first made you to decide to create your blog?

Rose: I work in online communications, and I love talking, writing, and expressing my ideas and opinions. Blogging was something I had thought about for a long time, but it took me ages to summon the courage to do it and write about something so personal. When I first experienced female ejaculation around 25 years old I had no idea what was going on. I’d never heard of it or seen it before, and I felt like a freak! I was too ashamed to bring it up in conversation or ask any of my friends if they were experiencing it too. When I started to research female ejaculation online, I couldn’t understand why there wasn’t any information that was actually useful – practically everything I found was either pornography or articles debating whether or not the fluid excreted is urine.

Oh, gush was basically born out of my frustration that so much of what is written about female ejaculation isn’t told from the viewpoint of someone who experiences it.


TEG: Tell us a little about  

Rose: Oh, gush is a haven of discussion for all things related to female ejaculation and what I call ‘pussy positivity’. My posts cover many facets of female ejaculation that I’ve just not seen talked about elsewhere. I’m also lucky enough to review sex toys and waterproof blankets designed to make women, like myself who regularly squirt, feel less inhibited during sex.

My hope is that by having a site dedicated to this fascinating aspect of female sexuality we can create more meaningful discussion around the subject and remove the outdated and unnecessary stigmas associated with it.


TEG: Why topic of female ejaculation and squirting?

Rose: Because nearly all the information online about female ejaculation focuses on fetishizing it or debating whether or not the fluid is pee, and next to no one writes about it as a normal part of a woman’s sex life.

The only accessible reference point we have of squirting and female ejaculation is how it’s portrayed in pornography, which is far from accurate. Porn actors are just that – actors – and like other forms of entertainment/film, what you’re seeing isn’t generally what happens in real life. Not to say there aren’t porn actresses that have the natural ability to squirt, but few women are able to ejaculate on cue, nor will every woman gush a fountain of liquid every time they ejaculate.

Unlike what we see in porn, female ejaculation also doesn’t always occur from penetration and stimulation of the G-spot alone.


TEG: Why the sexual topic?

Rose: Because sex is fascinating, and my favorite thing to talk about!


TEG: What is the idea behind it? What first made you to decide to create it?

Rose: After discovering my predisposition for squirting, I felt so ashamed of my body’s natural response to sexual pleasure. I wasted years feeling too scared to orgasm in case it would freak my partner out, and I felt as though there was something very wrong with me. I was a long journey to learn to love my sexual self and my body’s way of responding to pleasure. If I’d come across my blog 10 years ago, I might not have felt so alone. I, therefore, felt it was important to share my story and experiences in the hope that other women might identify with them, or even just to shed light on aspects of female ejaculation as part of my normal, everyday sex life. I discuss aspects of squirting that I haven’t been able to find information about elsewhere, such as Post Squirt Clean Upsquirting and female ejaculation at the same timefemale ejaculation during pregnancy and crying after squirting.


TEG: Do you think sex sells?

Rose: We both wouldn’t have websites dedicated to it if it didn’t!


TEG: What is the best part of your work?  What is most challenging about it?

Rose: I love talking about sex in my tiny corner of the internet, plus I love connecting with people. It gives me such a thrill when I receive messages from (mostly) women who connect with topics I write about. Sometimes women contact me to ask for advice, or to talk about things they don’t feel comfortable to talk to their friends or family about and I feel hugely honored.

Creating oh gush has been a cathartic process in many ways. Talking about my personal experiences with female ejaculation has helped me feel more comfortable with my sexual self and it’s opened my eyes to other sexual worlds.

Talking about a topic so close to my heart can be difficult at times – it can really challenging to step outside of my comfort zone. I’m also extremely self-critical, and it takes me a long time to write my posts because I pick them apart and re-edit a few times before I’m happy enough to publish them.


TEG: Where can you see the going in the next couple of years? 

Rose: I’m going to keep on fighting the good fight and talking about female ejaculation and female sexuality.

I also hope to expand the blog to feature sex positive artwork and perhaps a forum.


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Marta M

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