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Interview with Jeroen van der Klis, owner of Bizarre Design

Launched in 1987, Bizarre Desing by Jeroen van der Klis specializes in the creation of extraordinary and bizarre corsets. Jeroen develope his own corset pattern system which he still uses today. In 2011 Jeroen opened his new and present atelier located at Tussen de Bogen 35.

I’m very pleased to publish this interview with Jeroen about his work. 



How did you get started making corsets? 

Jeroen van der Klis: I started making corsets and clothing for myself when I was an adolescent, I was cross-dressing and to look good and the way I wanted I needed a more feminine shape, a corset is an item to use for that. At that time (pre-internet) it was hard to find corsets and good corsets just were not there. I thought I could do a better job so started making corsets for my self. That worked out well and soon other people asked me to make a corset for them, a bit later I started Bizarre Design.


How long have you been a corsetiere? 

Jeroen van der Klis: I started bizarre design official 30 years ago exact now  ( October 1987 )



What was your very first corset like?    

Jeroen van der Klis: My first corsets were made before I started Bizarre Design. Just for myself and out of materials which I could find around the house …. Strong materials which could resist the forces of tight lacing. I made a belt corset out of an old pair of brown leather boots, a small corset out of a leather school book purse and a full corset out of the rain skirts of an old tent. The first ones where hand stitched with thin rope and the last one was already stitched on an old hand-cranked machine.



How many corsets do you think you’ve made in total in the past years? 

Jeroen van der Klis: I think that I now made so 3000 corsets



What is your favorite part of the construction process? 

Jeroen van der Klis: Pff … I think the stitching it together and seeing the shape of the corset for the first time. You can see the shape already appearing. The step from 2D too 3D.



Who would you like to work with, or what is your dream project? 

Jeroen van der Klis: That is changing all the time when you have a new project, idea, design in your head you want to create it. Or you meet a girl and you really want to put her in a corset or bondage dress for that matter.



What are some of your dreams and aspirations for your business? 

Jeroen van der Klis: I would love to grow a bit and have more time to design and create more items. After 30 years I’m still a one-man company so little chance of that J but it would be nice to have more output.



What do you do when you’re not making corsets?

Jeroen van der Klis: Haha not much. I have a one-man production company in Holland so I have to work 24/7 to create enough money to keep afloat



And finally, where can we buy your corsets?  

Jeroen van der Klis: My corsets and now also the bondage clothing can only be bought from me.


I make it all on order and mostly custom made as much as possible to the wishes of the customer

So everyone has to contact me, I have no webshop …. No: Bought now delivered tomorrow


More creations you can find here:  Facebook 

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