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“My goal is to make sex as easy to discuss as any ordinary topic.”

It’s difficult to pinpoint how many couples have benefitted from Emily Morse’s advice, but she definitely saved a lot of relationships over the course of nearly twelve years of “Sex with Emily”, her radio show. Add to that her guest contributions to various big magazines and her appearances in TV shows and the like, and it’s safe to say that Emily is currently one of the world’s most popular sex experts. EAN interviewed her to learn more about her work and about the key aspects of good sex.


First off, please tell our readers something about yourself. Since when have you been working as a sex & relationships coach? How and why did you decide to help other people improve their intimate life?
Emily Morse: I’ve always been fascinated by sex, even though it took me a while to figure it out for myself. I didn’t really set out to be an expert or coach – I just loved hearing my friends’ stories and discussing the topic with them. One day in 2005, I decided to record one of our conversations – that was the first ever Sex with Emily show. As the years went on, my experiences and schooling allowed me to help others explore and improve their own sex lives.

Over a million likes on Facebook, thousands of Twitter followers, countless media appearances. Did you expect to achieve such a success when you started Sex with Emily?
I didn’t know what to expect! No one had ever heard of a podcast and it was pretty much impossible to call what I was doing a job. I was offered the chance to move my podcast to FM radio in San Francisco, which was my first major exposure. I really believed that the harder I worked, the more people I could help – so I worked very, very hard. I’m really grateful for everyone who has listened or helped me along the way.

“I’m really grateful for everyone who has listened or helped me along the way.”

One of the foundations of this success is your podcast. Could you describe our readers, what they can expect in when listening to your podcast?
The Sex with Emily podcast is really just open and honest talk about sex and relationships. My goal is to make sex as easy to discuss as any ordinary topic. Each show has some personal stories, some news, and advice to my listeners who write or call in with questions. When we have guests, they tell me about their sex lives and sometimes offer their advice to the callers. Most importantly, the show is fun (and educational)– because hey, sex should be fun!

Sex is a very wide field to discuss… What are the topics your readers and listeners are the most interested in? Is there a core massage you would like to get across?
My core message does not centre on any single sexual topic, but is really about communication. I want listeners to feel comfortable discussing any topic with their partner, because that is what will ultimately let them grow with each other.

Emily Morse
Emily earned her Doctor of Human Sexuality from the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco

In your opinion, which role could or should sex toys, lubes and other erotic products play to help people have better sex?
First of all, I’m obsessed with lube! Lube is incredibly important and really enhances virtually any sexual activity – from solo play to intercourse. I want to see a bottle of lube on every nightstand! And toys – they are another favourite topic of mine. Toys add a whole new dimension to sex. They’re exciting and fun and can really elevate any experience.

You are working together with some companies from the erotic industry. How do you pick who you work together with and how do these brands profit from the cooperation?
My sponsors are very important to me, and I view our partnerships like a relationship – it has to work for both of us. We must have a mutual respect for each other, and we work very closely to make sure my audience grows to trust and value their products or services. I only work with brands and products that I trust and use myself, so I’m very confident when I suggest them to my listeners.

“I only work with brands and products that I trust and use myself, so I’m very confident when I suggest them to my listeners.”

Being a (s)expert, are you satisfied with range of products that are available in the market right now? Is there still room for improvement somewhere?
Every time I think I’m satisfied with what’s available, something new and amazing hits the market. I love going to the trade shows to see what’s new and innovative this year. So yes – there’s ALWAYS room for improvement when it comes to sex.

More and more producers claim to be taking the findings and suggestions of sex therapists into consideration when designing and producing their products. Do you welcome this development? Does it really have an impact, or is it more of a marketing shell?
I absolutely welcome this consideration. I have worked closely with several brands in the past to offer my input. Most recently, System JO invited me to design my “dream lube!” This was a very exciting opportunity, but I insisted on asking my listeners for their input. Using a survey, we gathered information from over 1,200 fans! Next – I’ll work with JO to analyse the suggestions and create a great new product.

Many of our readers are retailers selling love toys in brick and mortar stores where service and the ability to render advice are pivotal. Do you have any suggestions for them so they can offer their customers the right amount of support?
Yes – make your customers as comfortable with your merchandise as possible. Sex is so intimidating for many people, so the more comfortable they are in your store, the easier it will be for them to find the perfect products. Answer questions honestly and without any indication of judgment. They should feel proud of purchasing something that will enhance their lives.

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