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Luxury taste and divine experience with ZALO

The ZALO Brand is an intimate product brand that was created to promote positive self-care and help people to feel more beautiful, more healthy and more confident. ZALO transformed these philosophical ideas and high technology into luxury high-quality series to promote physical and mental harmony and guide users to reward our world with a heart full of love.


Marta M.: How did the idea for ZALO come?

Lindsay Hunt: ZALO intimate products are created for love and beauty to satisfy luxury taste. With an aesthetic vision from conception, ZALO products are manufactured with perfect, meticulous attention to detail. Combining modern technology and the highest quality materials the ZALO collections are innovative and durable creating a divine experience.


M.M.: What is the philosophy behind the designs of toys?

Lindsay Hunt: There are 3 design categories in ZALO:

  • The Versailles collection is inspired by Queen Marie and the love stories from the Versailles Palace. In this era, the art movement rococo was prominent in the architecture, fashion, and art. This influenced the color palette, the style, and the packaging. The items in Versailles use the 65 processes of jewelry grade handmade enamel method with 24k gold-plated process in the metal. I have included photos of the handmade jewelry process.
  • The Lolita collection is inspired by the Lolita fashion trend which began in East Asia. It is a product line for users who prefer sweet and lovely styles.The Lolita series is sleek and optimized especially for primary users. Lolita style is also influenced by Victorian culture and the rococo period in that it favors pastel colors. It differs slightly in that it has more of a cute, youthful theme. 
  • The Sweet Magic collection theme is Fantasy, it is using the angels, fairies, devils. The inspiration is ancient mythology.



M.M.: What are the design considerations specific to sex toy design? How is it different from designing, say, a toothbrush?

Lindsay Hunt: In designing sex toys, the most important considerations are the user experience. We consider needs, desires, lifestyle, budget, personality, aesthetic taste of the user and aim for excellence and to exceed the expectation in every way.

We also consider safety and functionality as major determining factors as these contribute to the overall happiness of the owner of the product. We consider durability in materials and using handcrafted methods and substantial testing so that we may stand behind our product guarantee as a luxury intimate care product manufacturer.  More specifically, we consider the different uses an individual can have their ZALO product, for example, we have created toys which are ideal either for partner play, or individual use. ZALO products use a Smart APP control with Bluetooth connectivity and the have ability for the user to record their own vibration to their individual preference and save it.

The shape has been designed with ridges and curves to enhance the sensation and the toys are all adjustable in the vibration or thrusting modes. The material of the body is the Dow Corning Silicone with SOFTEK ™ skin imitation silicone layer. The Versailles and Lolita series are Water-proof grade IPX7.

Size Optimization for comfort. We chose an ultra-high power yet super whisper-quiet vibration motor (less than 40 db) for privacy. The packaging is also designed with discretion in mind. The products have FDA, RoHS, CE Certification for safety.

For the luxurious feeling quality the Versailles and Lolita Series use Jewelry grade enamel mosaics, Gold coin and pendant enclosure for the USB charge, and gold plating on the accents, pure manual polish with a silicone embossing process. 



M.M.: Is there a particular design of ZALO you're most proud of?

Lindsay Hunt: Absolutely, one of the top selling toys is the ZALO Versailles Series Fanfan - Couple's Massager Set.

Fanfan has a dual motor design featuring a powerful yet whisper-quiet (less than 40db) adjustable vibration on each end. Fanfan is embedded with a titanium alloy skeleton elastic which allows two motors to be more adjustable and fit perfectly to stimulate the C and the G-spot which in addition to increasing pleasure is more durable and long-lasting. The titanium alloy memory outlasts compared with traditional materials ABS or silicone material and is not easy to lose or compromise the skeleton form despite its super-flexible capabilities. It carries a long service life

Fanfan Set is a two piece set including the remote control of the built-in vibration motor and Fanfan. The nature of the product allows the operator to feel the frequency and strength. It can also act as a tease control in partner play. Fanfan is primarily used to stimulate the point C and G while provoking other sensitive areas.

It is Waterproof IP7X, uses 24K gold plating on a metal surface. The materials are Dow Corning food-level silicone meeting with FDA requirements and a SOFTEK ™ skin imitation silicone layer. It has 8 adjustable vibration modes (which can be controlled with remote or ZALO Remote APP) and a long battery life 2-4 hours of use every charge. The Fanfan Set is fully USB chargeable.



M.M.: What is the difference between ZALO products and other sex toys which can be found on the market? 

Lindsay Hunt: Each ZALO product is carefully crafted and the functions of each toy are designed to suit a different set of needs, sensation, and desire, making it more unique and individual to the owner. The Versailles and Lolita Collections include a Smart APP with bluetooth connecting which has a recording function to allow users to save their preference, making it highly individualized.

In addition to being tech toys, they also have a personal touch in that the boxes are handmade and the enamel jewelry process is also done by hand to maintain the commitment to high quality that a person can expect from a luxury product.

At first glance, the aspect of ZALO that draws individuals to it is the eye-catching accents such as the SWAROVSKI genuine crystals and the handmade enamel jewelry process and gold plating, the elegant packaging and overall beauty in the product that displays the thoughtful design inspiration.



M.M.: Which ZALO  product is a hit right now? 

Lindsay Hunt: The most popular top sellers are the Versailles Bright Red Rosalie Rabbit Vibrator, The Bright Red and Royal Blue Versailles Fanfan Set Couple's Massager, The Sweet Magic Fantasy Violet Confidence Heating Wand Massager, All Colours of Lolita Baby Star Bullet Vibrator and The Versailles Jeanne Personal Massager.

The ZALO Brand Lime Orange Blossom Toy Cleaner has also been very popular as it comes in a luxurious gold-colored bottle and pretty rococo-inspired box packaging which gives it cache and also makes it a great choice for gifting.



M.M.: Anything else you would like to say to our readers?

Lindsay Hunt: For more information on ZALO and to see all of the line please visit ZALO is available through and ZALO Luxury USA Amazon Store.

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Marta M.

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