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Rock Yourself with The Tremor!

The Tremo is a ride-on sex toy built from the ground up with a lightweight, white, A-frame sleek base. The Tremor has all digital controls and motors for more granular precise control. The unique, sexy, retro remote with guitar style knobs offers the user single-handed control of the “Rock” for vibration and “Roll” for the rotation -- so you can crank up the pleasure without distraction. 


I had the possibility to ask  Pete Housley about The Tremor.

What is The Tremor?

Pete Housley: The Tremor is the first of the next generation of ride-on sex toys which incorporates modern technologies, manufacturing standards and materials; all at a price point that's a fraction of the cost of competitive products.


How did you come up with the idea to create Tremor brand?

Pete Housley: We saw an opportunity to fill a space the in the ride-on sex toy space that the market was missing to create a modern product where function meets design. The name and branding for the product came from a desire for the name to describe, in a single word, what the product is and does. The word "tremor" defined both the action of the product, but also the excitement that comes with the mind-blowing orgasms experienced on the machine. We wanted this product to sound as cool and descriptive as it is.


Can Tremor be used as a toy/product for couples?

Pete Housley: The Tremor, like other products in the space, is designed for both solo and couple play. The Tremor made a significant change in the design of the remote control to be controlled with a single hand, and that hand can be the rider or someone else.  The single-handed remote also enables a new type of couple intimacy of exhibition/voyeur which has always been difficult with other products.


How much time did you invest in creating and developing of the Tremor?

Pete Housley: The Tremor is a project that was conceived and on the drawing board for just over two and a half years before it’s launch. We watched closely as the industry leader made changes and as some new competitive products came into space; we took in a lot of consumer comment and suggestions - most of which made it into the final production version; while some are still in R&D for future versions.


What were the biggest challenges on the way to the finished product?

Pete Housley: The biggest challenge in developing a new generation of any product is to not simply add features and functions for "cool factor".  We wanted to create a product that fits in the industry, not disrupts it -- so we worked with Sybian™ to license its "contact piece" to create cross-compatibility of attachments between the products. The Tremor is focused on form and function; while adhering to quality standards we set for ourselves - our singular goal is a “quality product that delivers quality orgasms”. We believe so much in the quality of the product that it carries a 2-year complete warranty.


What are your plans for the Tremor?

Pete Housley: We continue to focus on making people aware of The Tremor by non-traditional means; The Tremor channels on adult video tube sites are reaching millions of users in part due to it's Content Development Partner Program. The program is designed to work with producers, studios, website owners and individual models to develop and create creative content featuring The Tremor. Members of the program are provided with a Tremor and multiple attachment kits, marketing support, cross-branding, as well as license to use the trademark -- in exchange the members submit videos and photos of The Tremor to be co-branded and marketed with The Tremor online and at events around the world.

Top Channels include:



Tremor will launch a series of newly designed attachments, available at the forthcoming Exxxotica Expo November 3-5, 2017 and subsequently online. We will also announce our first "Signature Edition" special edition product that same weekend.

2018 will continue to see us focus on these objectives to increase brand awareness.


There are products that seem similar to the Tremor. So what sets it apart from the competition? What is different?

Pete Housley: In order of importance:

- Price: The Tremor MSRP is $799; a fraction of the cost of any competitive product.

- Quality: The Tremor is the only product offering a full 2-year Warranty.

- Design: The Tremor A-Frame design allows more control of position on the machine than the cylindrical design of all other machines.

- Body Safe: All attachments are made of Silicone; as is the comfort pad for easy removal and complete cleaning of The Tremor.

- Focused Control: The Tremor single-handed, the digital remote control allows users to fine-tune the rock and roll of the machine to achieve stronger orgasms.

- Interchangeable Attachments: The licensing of the contact piece from Sybian™ allows the Tremor to be used with a wide variety of existing attachments as well as ones of our own design.

- Weight: The Tremor weighs in at nearly 5 pounds lighter than any competitive product.



More information about The Tremor you can find on website

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