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Interview with Ivy Lebelle

Ivy first came to my attention via a Twitter interview request and I’m sure glad she did! Ivy is a very comely girl who just got started with her porn career even though she’s been around the industry for years. We had a fun chat where she reveals a lot about herself.


Captain Jack: Tell me about Ivy Lebelle.
Ivy Lebelle: I grew up in L.A., born and raised. My dad is from Italy and my mom is from Texas. I grew up in Studio City. It was a very Christian household and a strict upbringing. When I was 15, I got my first fake ID and started going to goth clubs. (laughs) From there, I got really immersed in the goth music scene. When I was 19, I started doing makeup and did that for a really long time. I’ve been a dancer on-and-off for pretty much my entire adult life. I worked at pretty much every bikini bar in LA. It actually took me until I was 29 until I decided that I wanted to get into the adult industry. I’ve been friends with a lot of people from the industry for a long time. Skin Diamond is one of my really close friends; we’ve been friends for years so I always knew a lot about the industry through her. I finally decided to do it earlier this year. It’s been really fun and really welcoming so far and I think I made a really good decision.


CJ: You have the sleeve on your right arm. When did you get your first tattoo?
Ivy: When I was 18, I got my first tattoo. I got most of my tattoos between 18 and 21. Right out of the gate, I went to San Diego and I have combination tattoos on my wrists. Sometimes, it’s hard to see. It’s little baby skeletons holding razor blades and it says ‘Love Is Suicide’. Very dramatic, very sad but it’s a lyric from Smashing Pumpkins, a song called Bodies. Then I got my sleeve tattooed around that so you can’t really notice them anymore. I got my sleeve when I was 19 and that’s a whole Halloween theme. I’m obsessed with Halloween like I said. I grew up being a goth girl. All things Halloween, I love. I have a haunted house on the top of my arm then it goes down to a graveyard and a little boy telling ghost stories sitting on a pumpkin. Stuff like that.


CJ: Are you done now? Are you going to get any more?
It really depends on. I really like the symmetry of my tattoos. Even though I only have a sleeve on my right arm, everything else is symmetrical. I have the roses behind my thighs on both sides. I have both of my feet tattooed. I have my thigh on my left side but it even outs with the right sleeve. So everything looks really nice and none of them are covering up the important parts, especially for porn. I don’t think they’re in any distracting areas. (laughs) There is a tattoo artist I’m obsessed with, her name is Johnny Gloom. It’s actually a girl. She has a really cool style. If I was going to get any more, I’d get tattoo on her. But I have no future plans for any tattoos. (laughs)


CJ: When did you lose your virginity?
I was pretty young. I was 14. It was to my first boyfriend and he kind of ruined me for everyone else because I had never seen a dick before in my life and he had a really huge cock! But I didn’t know. I didn’t know how to gauge it. (laughs) Ever since then, I’ve been a size queen which is another of the delights of being in porn because I get to work with guys with huge cocks! (laughs) That makes me super happy. He was my boyfriend and he really loved me. He’s a year older than me and we were both these little Marilyn Manson fans. Pink Floyd was playing when I lost my virginity, so kind of romantic. (laughs) Then, after 9 months, I wanted to explore and pretty much from 15 on, I was running around, doing my thing, experiencing other people.


CJ: Do you have a count of how many people you were with before porn?
: Joanna Angel asked me this on set the other day. I was just pulling numbers out of my ass. (laughs) I stopped counting a long time ago. I was at 50 but that was in my early 20s. (laughs) At 29, I’m not sure! It could be probably 150. I shot off 200 but that’s a lot, I don’t know. The last couple of years, I haven’t been that promiscuous. I’m including both men and women.


CJ: That was my next question. When was your first time with a girl?
When I was 15. I had sex with my friend’s older sister. (laughs) She was 21 or something. We went to a goth club together with my fake ID and we were dancing all night. We were getting turned on and touching each other and went back to her place. That was the first girl I ever hooked up with. I think I was the first girl she ever hooked up with too which was flattering because I was just a little teenager.


CJ: Did your friend ever find out?
No. And I don’t think she’s a big porn watcher or an investigator so unless she sees this interview and puts two and two together, I don’t think she’ll ever know! (laughs)


CJ: Did you have any threesomes or anything in high school?
I haven’t had an orgy yet. Wait, let me think about that. I’ve been to some private sex parties that included quite a few people. However, at any one point, I wasn’t interacting with more than two people at once. So I guess you could consider that an orgy since everyone in the room was having sex. I’ve had plenty of threesomes with me and another girl and a guy. But I’ve never had a threesome with two guys. I was supposed to for Burning Angel but one of the guys couldn’t make it so I was pretty sad. But I’m sure, being in porn, it will happen sooner than later. (laughs)


CJ: It took you until 29 to make the jump. What pushed you over the edge?
 I think, for me, it was being in my late 20s, I had the confidence that I didn’t have when I was younger. It took me a long time for me to feel ok with making such a dramatic choice. There are life consequences when you get into porn. People find out, people judge you and it can be pretty hard. I think I finally came to a point where I don’t really care about the negative feedback because I have so many good people in my life that support me regardless. And I’m confident enough to do it. And I’m not getting any younger and I always wanted to do it so I should do it now. Now is the perfect time. I am in my personal prime as far as my mental and physical state of being. I think it’s a great time for me so I just pulled the trigger and went for it.

I know it’s been mentioned in my scenes that I was a makeup artist in porn for a while before I decided to do it. That’s another way I was connected to the industry. I did make up for Amateur Allure quite a few times. Ray from Amateur Allure is one of my good friends and when I decided to do porn, he was the first person I hit up. ‘Hey! Do you want to shoot me?’ And he was beside himself. He thought I was fucking with him. He shot my first scene and it was fun and exciting to be the makeup artist and now I was performing for the same company.


CJ: I know how in porn that it’s just sex and performance but was it weird at all to be blowing a friend for your first time on camera?
(laughs) He was more nervous than me, I think. We have a good connection and, of course, there were some butterflies just because he’s my friend and we hadn’t ever hooked up in real life or anything. I think he was a great first experience for me because I felt safe and I felt comfortable. It was my first time doing anything on-camera. It was a POV scene so it was very private. I couldn’t have asked for a better first scene.


CJ: You had a lot of sex off-camera but once you started doing it, was it difficult to master the little tricks that girls have to do like arching, opening up and all that stuff?
Not super challenging. When I shot for Brazzers, they said I was a natural. I’ve always been very sexual by nature. When I was a teenager, I used to practice my poses in front of the mirror. I looked through porn magazines and looked at Jenna Jameson’s poses and did them in the mirror. So I had some experience. Also, being a stripper and a dancer, you are used to posing and moving your body in ways that are sexually appealing. The pretty girls were pretty easy and, so far, the male talent has been wonderful. If I’m doing anything that is blocking a view, they’ll just move me. (laughs) It’s only something I’ll learn the more I do it but, so far, there haven’t been any huge hurdles.


CJ: How did you come up with your stage name?
I’m a big fan of The Cramps and the two main members of the band are Lex Interior and Poison Ivy. Poison Ivy is the female in the group and she’s a super fiery redhead. I’ve been a huge fan of hers forever. I took Ivy from here. And LaBelle, I just think it’s pretty and it rolls off your tongue. And it sounds French and I have a Euro look to me. I’m Italian but I can really be anything.


CJ: What’s your favorite position?
In real life, I like being on top, leaning forward and kissing the guy while I ride him. That’s the easiest way for me to cum. And doggie. Those are my two favorites. In doggie, I like it all around, on-camera and off!


CJ: Have you ever been in an inappropriate sexual relationship besides your best friend’s sister?
No, I haven’t had anything wildly inappropriate in my personal life aside from that. I’ve always had fantasies about that. I don’t have step siblings but when I was younger, I used to fantasize about having a sexy older stepbrother who would teach me how to fuck. A lot of people think that’s super gross because they have stepsiblings and they’re like, ‘If you only knew what it was like!’ But I don’t! That’s why I think it’s hot!


CJ: A lot of the guys in porn are older. Does it ever bother you to work with older men?
No, not at all. When I was in my late teens or early 20s, I really had a thing for much older men. I never dated guys in my age range until I got a little bit older. And I’ve slept with plenty of guys who were in their 40s or 50s and it doesn’t bother me at all. The older guys get, the more manly they become. Obviously, there’s something very enticing about youth and a youthful guy but I’m more of a man’s girl. I like men. And you can only become a man with age, I think. The experience of life. (laughs)


CJ: What do you like sexually? What gets Ivy wet?
A mental connection is probably the hottest thing for me. When you can look into someone’s eyes and get butterflies, that’s usually a pretty good signal that there’s chemistry. I definitely had that with one or two of my scene partners so far. I think that makes for a better scene. Guys that like to go down on you is always a super plus. If they’re really passionate about it. I really love getting my pussy eaten. (laughs) And I also really love giving blowjobs. I really, really love it especially if the guy is really big, it’s a huge turn-on. I try to deep throat him and get him in my mouth completely. Just the way it looks and feels in my mouth and hands is probably another of my biggest turn-ons. (laughs)


CJ: What’s the biggest cock you’ve deep throated?
I’m really trying to train my throat. The most inch-wise I’ve gotten down my throat, if I can guess, is 8 inches. I’m definitely trying to figure out how to open up my throat completely so I can take it all the way down no matter how big it is! I’m not sure my anatomy will allow it! We’ll see! (laughs)

CJ: Are you submissive or dominant?
I think I have a very commanding sexuality. I think that people can really sense my sexuality from me. It’s been a big personality trait of mine my entire life. When I thought I should do porn, everyone who was asked, ‘How do you describe Ivy?’ They would say, ‘She’s sexual!’ I was never the ‘cute’ girl, I’m always the ‘sexy’ girl. I’m never cute! I mean I can be cute. Now, saying that, I think that I might have a dominant side but I prefer to be dominated in the bedroom. It’s kind of like an unspoken agreement. You can see that I’m sexually intense but you’re going to dominate me because I want you to. So, technically, I’m being dominant in making you dominate me. (laughs)


CJ: Is that true of both men and women?
With women, it’s a little bit different. I still don’t really like being dominant. With most women, it’s really mutual and fluid or I’m slightly more aggressive. On certain occasions, depending on the individual and the vibe, I have been more dominant and it can be a turn-on. But, for the most part, it has to be an equal playing ground or slightly defensive.


CJ: How often do you masturbate?
It depends on how often I’m having sex but usually once a day, which is pretty reasonable. Sometimes more if my sex life is in a little lull. Which I hope it doesn’t anytime soon. (laughs)


CJ: Favorite method?
I have veered away from stronger vibrators because I didn’t want to annihilate my sensitivity on my clit so I use a really soft vibrator then I use my fingers to finger myself. A little vibrator on my clit while I finger myself and I can usually cum.


CJ: Pervy question, when you use your fingers, do you taste yourself?
It depends on how horny I am. I usually do because I’m curious but I’m very familiar with how I taste and how I smell and do actually like my own scene and my own taste very much.


CJ: When a guy pops, where do you prefer it?
I really like it on my face or in my mouth. I like to feel the heat of it and I like to taste it. It all feels very tactile and very real. Sometimes, they cum in other places too which is great too but it just feels more explosive in the face.


CJ: Will you do creampies on camera?
: It has happened and I’m definitely not opposed to them. It’s very sexy. There’s something about a guy cumming inside you that feels very intimate. I think that’s very sexy and I think the aesthetic of the cum coming out of the girls’ pussy is really hot!


CJ: Are you going to do anal on camera?
I am not super experienced with anal in general. I am not opposed to doing it on camera eventually but I want to have it in my real life before I have it on camera so I can feel comfortable and safe and excited about it. Hopefully, one day but I wouldn’t expect to see anything in the next 6 months or so. (laughs)


CJ: With all the sex you’ve had, you’ve never had anal in your personal life?
I have had it but it’s usually been not executed by someone who really knows what they’re doing. (laughs) I need to be handled by a true professional! (laughs)


CJ: Do you have any fantasies you would like to live out on camera?
Definitely two guys at once. That’s a HUGE fantasy of mine. I just would love to be sucking cock while getting fucked. As far as a scenario, since I’m 29, I don’t think I’ll be playing any stepbrothers or stepsisters but it could be hot, when I get in the MILF-y category, to be playing the hot stepmom, corrupting her stepson or stepdaughter. (laughs) So I’ll be able to live out part of that fantasy with the tables turned. Maybe an all-girl orgy too. A bunch of pussies everywhere. That would be lovely.


CJ: You could still pass for a stepsister!
Yeah, it really depends on who’s casting it. I think at Burning Angel, that was supposed to be the premise. The two guys were supposed to be my stepbrothers but when one guy couldn’t make it, we just turned it into a standard boy/girl.


CJ: What are you like off-camera? What are your hobbies and interests?
I’m a big music fan. Like I said before, I grew up in the goth scene and although I don’t really do the goth look any more, I still do like the music. I like going to shows, going to new wave or 80s nights to go dancing. I love art, I love going to museums. Every year, I go to Art Basel in Miami. That’s super fun, that’s in December. I like reading, I like hiking, I like being in nature and I really, really like traveling. Every chance I get to get out of Dodge, I take. (laughs)


CJ: Do you have any favorite movies?
Pretty in Pink, Fight Club, The Shining and Grease.


CJ: What’s your favorite TV shows?
Recently, I got into Penny Dreadful but it was short-lived. I love Game of Thrones. And Broad City, for a comedy. I watch a show called The Path. It’s pretty interesting, it’s about a cult. And it’s done from Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad. It’s pretty good so far.


CJ: What’s your favorite food?
I think Japanese food, I really love Sushi. You can invite me for Sushi any night of the week and I’m down.


CJ: What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?
I’ve had a lot of public sex, which I really enjoy. Like I’ve had sex in the changing rooms at Forever 21 and I’ve had sex walking down the streets of Hollywood at 3am, leaning up against someone’s apartment building. I’m thinking more kink, those are more adventurous. I won’t tell her name out loud, but a porn star friend of mine, I went back to her house. We were talking about anal stuff and how I was never able to get anything into my butt that’s bigger than a roll of corners. She said, ‘I bet I could get something in your ass!’ She brought out her Hitachi and had me put it on my clit while she put a REALLY big butt plug in my ass. But it took about 25 minutes to get it in. Once it was in, it was so satisfying! That’s pretty kinky for me because I’m not used to having anything in my butt and this girl got something I thought would never get in there, in there! It was a very satisfying moment!

CJ: And how can the fans get ahold of you?

Ivy: On Twitter, I’m @IvyLebelleXXX. On Instagram, I’m @IvyLebelle. Snapchat is the same.

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