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What are the different types of swingers?

Much in the same way that you can’t stereotype swingers in general, no two swinger couples necessarily play the same way either. The common assumption is that swinging involves partner swapping for sex. However, the more swingers you meet, the more you realize that swinging doesn’t have set rules. Here are some types of swingers, or ways to engage in swinging:


Soft Swapping/Swinging

Many new swinger couples opt for soft swapping as their first swinging experience. While seasoned veterans may eschew soft swinging, this gentle introduction to group fun is perfect for couples are who aren’t sure how far they want to take things. Soft swinging may not involve any level of partner swapping at all (ie – same partner, same room sex) with the thrill being from being able to watch another couple have sex. Some couples may be comfortable swapping some foreplay before returning to their own partner for intercourse. Soft swinging may also just involve the women playing with each other while the men watch.


Full Swapping

Full swapping is still the default objective of swinging and if you approach another swinger couple at a swingers club or via online swingers dating site, then you can assume that is what’s going to happen if you hook up. Full swapping still happens in the same room, however, with the enjoyment factor mainly being that all four of you are in the same bed with full access to all body parts. If all partners are bisexual then you can imagine this type of swapping leads to a giant tangle of arms and legs, and big, big smiles.


Open Swinging

Open swinging takes things up another level. Some couples are content for each other to enjoy whatever fun opportunity comes their way without the other partner being present. Many prefer full swapping but in separate rooms for maximum enjoyment of a new partner. It’s not so much that they do not enjoy watching their partner with another person but they understand it’s not always practical to ensure everyone’s other half is present without breaking the sexy mood. This is probably more common at swingers clubs and swingers parties where it’s not unusual for one partner to be socializing whereas the other has found an opportunity to play. As long as it doesn’t put anyone off, this is a popular option for the more confident swinger couple.


Open Relationships

Swinging is essentially the act of two or more couples sexually interacting with each other so open relationships are technically not a type of swinging. However, many swinger couples dabble in having an open relationship as another element of naughty fun. Others will dabble on other sexual interests such you’ll find in Swingers cuckold forums and many other topic forums.  A lot of couples find the party scene a bit too much and the task of finding a compatible couple daunting. As such, it makes sense for them to seek out partners they are individually attracted to have fun like a single. Some swinger couples frown on open relationships but couples who like to play openly are just as committed to each other.

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