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Swingers Dating? You bet!

There’s a bit of a misconception that swinging is only about sex. OK. Admittedly, a lot of it is about sex but swinging is usually at its most satisfying when there is a healthy dose of socializing and clothed merry-making happening as well.

I’m sure most couples go out on that first date to meet prospective play friends before getting down to the nitty-gritty, but it’s good to maintain that sexy seduction and flirtation with date nights with your regular swinging friends.

I know a lot of us are time poor and prefer to just get on with it at home, but it’s definitely worth making the effort to step out, maybe even ending the night in a strange hotel or at a swingers club.

So why is swingers dating so hot?


You’re stimulating your biggest sexual organ

You may be physically attracted to your play friends already but you’ll be surprised to learn more sexy things about them through a good conversation over a glass of wine. Discovering mutual interests is as much an aphrodisiac as seeing your play friends naked. I promise! Even if you’re not 100% sure about playing with a new couple, it’s worth going out on that second or third date. Getting to know someone on a deeper level might just spark that sexual fire, and usually that kinda sex is definitely worth waiting for.


You’re out in public

How much fun is it to do ordinary, everyday stuff like dinner and drinks with swinging friends when you know how much dirtier and naughtier you are than everyone else around you? Or are you? People watching is immeasurably more interesting when you try and spot other swingers in the wild. You just never know who the sexy swingers are out there. Besides, you can go to all the fun places when your dates are fellow swingers. Why not check out a strip club or take a tour of an adult shop 


It’s just plain good to get out

It’s not hard to get into a sexual rut even with swinging. As much you think your play friends are hot and enjoy the convenience of swinging at home, it can get a little boring over time. That’s usually around the time you decide to meet some other couples and surprise, surprise, go out on a date! The thrill of meeting new people is certainly key but taking some established play friends out on the town now and then will lead to sizzling swingers sex.

Don’t forget, you don’t have to spend a bucketload to go out on a date. Even a couple of hours spent at the local pub or cozy cafe is a good night or swingers dating. It’s all about doing something different and increasing that delicious anticipation for hot sex afterward.

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