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First Time Anal - and How Sex Toys Can Help!

Anal sex can be a highly sensual and erotic act, yet it causes so many people anxiety; there are lots of concerns which surround it, many of which are either urban myths, or with sensible practice, and foreplay, can soon be allayed. Lack of knowledge in this area is the most tangible problem, and this is partly a result of many of us growing up with the perception that anal sex, and other varieties of anal play using anal sex toys could cause discomfort, which isn't true.


Anal sex is just like anything else - the more you know about a topic, the more likely that you will enjoy partaking in it, having put your knowledge to good use. The first thing anyone must do when considering participating in anal activities, is learn how to relax the sphincter; if you're tense, then any kind of insertion will be difficult, which can be discouraging. Using anal lubricants is essential, and before you go full throttle into anal sex, it may be advisable to work yourself in, to loosen up. Try inserting a well-lubed finger to start; this will grant you the feeling of having something inserted into your back passage, and once your finger glides in easily, you could try inserting another - or implement the use of adult toys, or employing butt plugs and anal vibrators is a fine approach to take when it comes down to relaxing the sphincter muscles. As with your finger, use a high quality lubricant on your butt, as well as on your toy, and things should glide in with ease. It can help, too, if you push out a little upon insertion. Small dildos allow the rectum to expand, allowing it to accommodate the size of a penis easily.


There is a lot of pleasure to be obtained from anal sex, due to the many nerve endings located in the rectum; and guys enjoy the added benefit of a toy will stimulating the prostate gland, which can lead to intense and powerful orgasms. Anal sex is not only physically stimulating, but psychologically invigorating too; intimate and highly erotic, it can strengthen the shared trust between two people, augmenting their personal bond.


Always take things slow and gentle to begin with; this will help you relax your internal sphincter, thereby easing penetration. Experimenting with sex toys, such as anal dildos and anal probes are a great way to reduce possible pain; pressure and friction can be caused if you rush things, though each person's tolerance threshold is different.


Deep breathing exercises can help with penile insertion too; additionally it's vital that you're able to communicate openly and clearly with your partner - and if things become painful or even uncomfortable, then stop. Adopting different positions can also facilitate anal; many find it easier when posed with their knees bent in, towards their chest.


So remember: take your time, learn to relax, be comfortable, and be sure to communicate with your partner regarding the feel of pressure on your anus, and you'll soon be experiencing amazing, pain-free anal sex every time you try it!

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