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How to Have a Sensual Time in the Philippines Without Going to go-go bars

I know how tempting it is.

The red lights, the girls in short skirts and the bright smiles whenever you agree to buy them a drink.

As a Western man who visits the Philippines for the very first time, it’s extremely hard to resist the temptation of the go-go bar scene.

The idea to step into a bar, to choose one of the girls and to have an amazing time in your hotel room sounds like a dream come true. But this dream can easily turn into a nightmare, especially when you get addicted to the bar scene.

Paying for sex once is not that expensive. Doing it over and over again can ruin you.

The good news is that you don’t even have to pay to have an amazing time. Hey, you are in the Philippines, a country with millions of beautiful women who dream of dating a man like you.

You don’t need to be rich and you don’t need to look like Brad Pitt. All you need to do is to follow a few simple steps and you’ll have the time of your life during your next trip to the Philippines.


Decide What Kind of Filipina You Want to Meet

Please ask yourself the following question:

What kind of Filipina do I want to date?

In case you want to find a Filipina wife, you should focus all your energy on finding a young and conservative girl who doesn’t have a lot of sexual experience.

What if you want to experience a sensual time and you have no interest whatsoever in having a girlfriend or wife?

Well, in this case, you would waste your time with a conservative girl. You should focus your energy on finding a girl who is more promiscuous and who is not ashamed of living her fantasies.

But where do you find such a girl?


Find the Best Place to Meet Her  

Let’s assume that your next trip to the Philippines takes you to Manila.

It’s the capital city and everyone I know visited Manila the first time they traveled to the Philippines. Chances are high that you will do the same. And the moment you land you will probably be overwhelmed.

I remember when I took a taxi from the Ninoy Aquino international airport. It was insane. Suddenly, I was in the middle of high rises. This city has more than 1.6 million inhabitants but there are only a few places where you can meet the most beautiful women.

If I were you, I would visit one of the following venues:

- The SM City Shopping Center

- Robinsons Place Manila

- Royal Club

- Exklusiv Club

- Rizal Park

I spent more than four weeks in Manila and from all the places I’ve been to these are the ones where I met the most girls.   

Of course, you don’t have to leave your apartment to meet beautiful women who want to experience a sensual time with a foreigner. You can also use a Pinay dating site and chat with young and sexy girls. It won’t take long until you meet a girl who agrees to show up at your apartment.


Use the Right Words to Find out What She Wants

No matter if you approach a girl online or at the Rizal Park, you need to use the right words to find out what she wants.

I mean, you are obviously not interested in a girl who wants to wait at least one month until she sleeps with you, especially not when you have to leave after three weeks.

You need to find out if she’s the kind of girl who wants to meet you at your apartment and who wants to spend one, two, or maybe three night with you.

Here’s how you do that:

1. You approach her with a direct compliment and observe how she reacts.

A girl who giggles and smiles when you tell her that she looks attractive is more open to a spontaneous date than a girl who shows no reaction at all.

2. Ask her if she’s spontaneous and adventurous.

Is she adventurous and spontaneous? She’ll come over when you text her later.

3. Tell her that you don’t live far from here.

See how she reacts. If she smiles, ask her if she wants to watch a movie at your place.


Don’t Make Your Filipina Lover Feel Guilty about Sex 

This is the key to a sensual time in the Philippines.

Don’t forget that Filipinas are born and raised in a very traditional culture. It’s a religious country and I bet that the cute Pinay you will seduce is Catholic to the core. In order to sleep with you, she needs to know that you won’t judge her.

She’s afraid of getting judged.

The moment you start to undress her, the voice of her mother and grandmother scream “you are a sinner” in her ear. You need to convince her to stop listening to this voice.

The best way to do that is by telling her how much you appreciate women who act on their desires. 


Fulfill the Fantasies that Every Pinay Girl Has

There’s one fantasy that every Pinay woman I met has. She won’t admit it, but it’s there. And it’s a fantasy that you will love to hear about.

Filipinas fantasize about having a sensual experience with a Western man.

They believe that Western men are more romantic, more caring and more motivated to please a woman.

That’s why it’s so easy to have a sensual time in the Philippines without paying for it. All you have to do is to be the romantic gentleman she always dreamed of and to follow the advice I shared with you in this article. 

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