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Rules for polyamorous route

Most people traditionally have one spouse, and if they do engage in extramarital affairs, they usually keep it outside the matrimonial home. But as more people continue to deviate from traditional norms and values, many have developed liberal feelings about having a polyamorous household. It's kind of like an open marriage, but not really, and no, it's not really swinging either. In this case, not only do the two wives know each other, live together, and are ok sharing the same husband, but they quite often also practice bisexual acts on each other much to the husband's encouragement. I'm all for it, and may one day have two concubines myself, as I think it solves the problem of adultery, jealousy, and emotional attachment.

But if you're going to go the polyamorous route, here are a few rules of engagement:


Don't get married:
Unless you live in the middle east, you probably live in a country where bigamy is illegal. I suppose you could always marry one of the women, but how would that make the other woman feel? The one who you chose to marry would get promoted up to wife status leaving the other woman to feel less important, and that is where the jealousy would begin. But then again, if you're deviating from traditional values, you're probably not thinking about marriage anyway. If marriage is a really big deal to you, then polyamory is not for you. Marriage and polygamory do not mix.


Don't get any of them pregnant:
Much like with marriage, the one who got pregnant will feel like she has the upper hand, and the one not with a child will feel insignificant. If you understand female jealousy, you will know that your goal should be to make the two girls feel as equal to each other as possible. The only exception is if you get both of them pregnant at the same time, and although the two kids will be raised in the same house as siblings, they will see each other's mother as being more of an aunty figure.


Only men can be polyamorous:
I think that there are some things that men are able to do that women can't, and polyamory is one of them. If a female is polyamorous, she's a fucking slut, but if a man does it, he gets mad respect and is hailed as being a boss. What happens if one of them gets her pregnant? How does she know who the father is? How would the other man feel who isn't the father? Men are morally opposed to raising another man's child, I doubt he'll want to help raise a child that's not his. I also think it's easier to convince a woman to cohabit with his other wife than it is to convince a man to coexist, let alone cohabit with her other husband. In fact, I go further to say that any man who is ok having the same common wife with another man must be a latent homosexual who is using that as an excuse so he can get to perform homosexual acts with her other man. Either that, or he's a submissive little beta bitch who feel as though he can't do any better. Then again, how does one establish who is the head of household in that situation? Is it the wife, or one of her two husbands, and if so, which one? In the event that the wife is the head of household, that would be a matriarchal household, and no self-respecting male chauvinist is going to settle for living in that kind of environment. A woman who does that sort of thing would have to be a feminist who doesn't mind wearing the trousers in the house. I know many of you ladies out there would like to think that not only can you do what a man can do, but also that you can do it better, but in this case, you might wanna leave this one to the guys.


External Interference:
If you choose to go this route, you will soon find that there are meddlesome relatives, friends, and neighbors who will feel uncomfortable about your lifestyle choice and will seek to discourage you via shaming tactics. Things could get very awkward around the Thanksgiving dinner table, but before you give grandma a heart attack, you should probably let her down easy. If they are not a part of your relationship then they ought not to be allowed to have an opinion about your lifestyle. It is what it is and they can take it, or leave it. Can't they just be glad that at least you're not gay? If they can't respect your space and your choices, then you need to go no contact. It's ok to give them another chance if they eventually come to accept your lifestyle, but if they don't, then it is imperative that you remain no contact. They don't get to shout orders if they're not paying any bills in your house. The good news is that they'll be more tolerant of their polyamorous son having two wives than they would their daughter having two husbands, which brings me back to my earlier point of it being a men-only club.


Religious Values:
Show me where it says in the bible that polyamory is a sin. No, seriously, show me where! I'll wait! "King Solomon had 300 wives and concubines" is the line you need to hit them with when religious zealots want to preach down to you about your lifestyle choices. You can also tell them that polyamory isn't nearly as bad as some of their past sins and that they're not going to heal from their past by denigrating you over something like polyamory.


Polyamory by nationality:
Countries that are heavily steeped in patriarchal ideals are most likely to embrace male polyamory. Under Sharia law, countries in the middle east are the most tolerant of male polyamory to the point where bigamy is legal. Countries in Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America, and southeast Asia are less tolerant even though bigamy isn't legal in those countries, and even if they're not too tolerant of polyamorous cohabitation, men having extramarital affairs outside the home is not only tolerated but encouraged. Instances of male polyamory would be shamed in gynocentric countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, and in Europe, but yet there are mixed feelings about female polyamory. Even in the most patriarchal segments of these countries, you would find that there are men who would stick to a single wife household, although not necessarily a one-woman lifestyle. Under Sharia law, a polyamorous female in the middle east would be stoned to death, or publicly lashed for being a whore and for being a disgrace to her father's house. She will be largely ostracized in the Caribbean, or Latin American society, but not to the extreme as in the middle east, if anything, it's both her husbands who would be shamed because it's impossible for her to be polyamorous without having a second husband.


Finally, whereas most men are only able to handle two girls, there are some exceptional men who are able to handle several girls at once. One such instance is that of the late Hugh Hefner. If ever there was a modern-day King Solomon, it would have to be Hugh Hefner. I suppose having several girls would be known as Multigamy. I take my hat off to Multigamous men because I sure as hell know I can't do it. It's not even about the money, I just don't have the energy. Even if I had enough money to hire 500 permanent, live-in concubines for a lifetime, I think I'd probably just stick with two. How many girls do you think you will be able to handle if you were to choose that lifestyle?...

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