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Make your dick smell tasty. Here’s how you can do that!

You want her to go down on you and offer you the best head ever? Do you want to hear her moan in delight while you come in her mouth? You want to have your private parts all pampered and spoiled by her soft tongue? Well, if your junk doesn’t smell like sweet roses in a Spring morning, then you can keep on dreaming big boy!

Ok, we’re kidding about that, but the fact is that shit happens and sometimes we can find ourselves in a smelly situation when we least expect it. That’s why great hygiene and a little sprucing up before a big date are vital if you are planning on giving your “friend” some special treatment.

Your biggest enemy when it comes to smell is the foreskin that exists on uncircumcised penises. Because of the folds of skin that exist around the head of the penis, bacteria and yeast are more prone to grow, if the area is not properly washed regularly.

Do you know how the “dick cheese” is called? Yeah, we are talking about that mix of skin, yeast, and sweat! The name of that awful combo is smegma, and yes most of you surely have had it at the end of a long, hot summer day.


Always do a sniff test before getting intimate!

A sniff test is very easy to perform and it’s actually a must if you want the lady to feel tempted to go down on you. So, before getting undressed and ready for humping, take a Q-tip and run it along with your penis head and then take a good sniff. If you detect a smell, then go ahead and take a shower.


Make your penis smell peachy. It’s easy as 1, 2, 3…4!

1. Wash at least once a day with soap and water. Use antibacterial soap if your scent down there is stronger, a deodorant soap if you want to remove all the scent from the area or a normal mild soap if you are taking regular showers.

It’s very important to take a shower especially if you’ve been sweating, because sweat can get trapped in your groin area, causing a nasty smell.

Also, put some muscle in it! That means that you have to wash your penis really good, not just run some soapy water on it. Clean all the folds carefully and you should be ok.

2. Make sure the area is very well dried before putting on pants. This way you prevent moisture being trapped and turned into bad odor.

3. Groom your private area on a regular basis. Trim the bush or even better, shave it completely, because not only does a full bush looks unappealing to most of the ladies, but it also traps smells, heat, and moisture.

4.  Make your own penis perfume. Do not use your regular perfumes to spray on your dick, because they contain alcohol and that can irritate the sensitive skin from your private area, instead you can make your own perfume by adding in a bottle the following ingredients: half distilled water, half Aloe Vera gel, half a teaspoon of baking powder and 1-2 drops of essential oil. Shake it up really well and voila, you’ve created your own, personalized crotch perfume.

Another thing you can use down there is coconut oil. Use it as a body lotion and it will act as an antibacterial. You can also use baby wipes, a few times a day when you’re away with business, or at work. Use them after you urinate, because although you are shaking it after taking a leak, urine can still end up in that area.


See a doctor in case of smell – fishy discharge – burning sensation

If you are using all the advice mentioned above but you are still experimenting a bad smell in your pants, then take into consideration the fact that you can be dealing with a yeast infection. So, if the smell comes along with a cheesy discharge and a burning feel when urinating, don’t lose any more time and go see a doctor!

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