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Girls squirting on cam don’t have to fake it!

You know the funny thing about female ejaculation is that a lot of guys are convinced that it’s bullshit. I really can’t blame these guys for thinking that way because there is a common idea that men and women are basically the same physiologically. 


Of course, ours is outward and women’s are inward. But by and large, we’re basically dealing with the same set of pipes and tubes and equipment. This, of course, can be traced to the thinking that women and men are essentially equal, biologically speaking. Well, there’s quite a bit of disagreement regarding that contention and I’m not going to bore you with biology lessons. But one expression of that equality idea involves squirting. 


It’s very easy to define a male orgasm. A male cums when his penis gets excited and this liquid comes out. This liquid, of course, contains semen which is a storage gel so to speak for sperm. When the sperm enters the vaginal tract and the women is ovulating and at least one lucky sperm gets to the egg, its game over. The egg is fertilized and if the conditions are right, that fertilized egg turns into a baby and is born after nine months. It all boils down to the guy ejaculating.


Now, according to the thinking that I described above, women should not only just cum clitorally. If you ever have had any experience with women, you know that if you really want to get a chick to come quickly and with as little effort as possible, excite her clit. It doesn’t really matter how you do it. Whether through your fingertips, through the tip of your tongue, through your fingers, or even through your palm, or the soles of your feet, as long as there’s enough contact and rubbing with her clit, she will get off. 


Now, this is not good enough for a lot of people who are claiming biological equality among men and women. So what they say is that no, she actually has to squirt like a guy. Just like a guy shoots semen, a chick, if she really orgasms, must squirt. Now, this is where the drama comes in. Well, imagine a lot of people are saying, no, this is bullshit. A lot of people are calling this completely fake. They’re saying, no, what you are seeing on that footage at porn sites of chicks “cumming and squirting,” that’s just them pissing. 


There’s quite a bit of a debate. Is it piss, or urination, or actual vaginal discharge that can be said to be equivalent to semen discharge for men? The good news is you don’t have to get to the nitty-gritty of this argument. Seriously, you don’t. The answer is actually quite straightforward. 


If you get a woman so excited because you not only stimulate her clit but also get G-spot, which is the inside cluster of nerves that changes location inside the vaginal cavity itself. I’m not talking about when you stick your finger in there and you can feel your cervix. It’s on the inner walls surrounding the cervix. When you finger her G-spot and you stimulate her clit, she’s going to cum and she’s going to cum hard. 


Now, it’s not unusual for chicks to experience such an intense orgasm that washes over them wave, after wave, after wave, that they’re basically feeling really wobbly. That’s right. It’s kind of like watching a Pacquiao fight when Pacquiao smacks the fuck out of some unlucky fool up against him, and the guy’s legs start going out under him. 


When you get a chick to cum, she’s basically experiencing the same, but she’s on her back so there’s not much danger of her flopping down like a boxer that just got fucked up in the ring. Still, it’s the same effect. You basically lose control of your legs. You lose control of your limbs because the nerves are just basically fried, man. You know, it’s kind of like a fire that starts on the chick’s crotch, and then it lights up her spine like a Christmas tree, and all the nerves are firing at once, so there’s really no control left. And this is where chicks are all moaning, and grunting, and in fact, it’s not uncommon for a woman to cum so hard that she makes almost inhuman noises like Tibetan throat chanting. 


I don’t know if you have seen those videos on YouTube of Tibetan Buddhist monks doing throat chanting, but the sound is just really amazing. It’s like really low and really hypnotic and it’s not unusual for a chick to cum so hard that she starts making such guttural sounds from basically the base of her throat. 


Again, this is not controlled this is not put on for a show. This is not intended to get you off because you’re already getting off, right? Instead, that has everything to do with her just losing control, and the way she sounds and the way she acts is all part of this intense overarching electrical discharge called a back to back an orgasm. So it’s not all that unusual or unexpected when a woman loses control of her bladder. 


Are you with me so far? So to say that squirting on cam is fake, and they are using pumps, or they’re just basically pissing, misses the point. When you get a chick so excited and so hot, and she really feels the electricity in her body, don’t be surprised if she less control of her bladder and she squirts piss straight off her pussy. 


Instead of looking at it as something disgusting, nasty, freaky, look at it as something that’s beautiful. Because this woman just popped an orgasm that a man can only wish for. I mean can you imagine roaming back to back to back? As I keep saying, when guys cum, it’s like loading and unloading a shotgun. There’s a delay there. Now, you could be super skilled about it and really efficient and just load that thing almost automatically. But there’s still a delay. That’s just a biological fact. 


That fact is not going to go away anytime soon. Not so with women. It’s not uncommon for a chick to start cumming the moment you get her hot enough after giving her a tongue lashing and you’re just rubbing the base of your tongue against her clit, and then she basically squirts enough liquid, which is pussy juices all over your face, that you look like a glazed donut. 


That’s not even factoring in G-spot excitement. So if you are looking for really exciting cam action where chicks are doing something that is at a whole new another level entirely, look for websites offering girls squirting on cam. It isn’t fake so you have to understand that, because the moment you assume that it’s fake, then it will be fake. I know that sounds crazy, but have you heard of the Heisenberg principle. The Heisenberg principle states that when you are watching a phenomenon, and Heisenberg was referring to physics phenomenon, you change what you are watching. Isn’t that crazy? 


Well, the same thing applies to watching girls squirting on cam. When you come in there thinking that this is fake, guess what? You’ve changed it. It’s fake. It looks artificial. It looks like an elaborate scam. It’s a fucking waste of time. Well, you have to come in with the right mindset and understand the science behind it because when people get excited, they do all sorts of stuff. I can guarantee you. 


If somebody comes up with a gun, points it on your temple, and says, give me your money or your brain is going to be plastered on that wall, you probably will start shaking. You maybe would start sweating and it’s not uncommon for you to shit and piss yourself. 


So if being scared would provoke that kind of physical response, can you imagine getting fucked, or eaten out so hard that you lose control of your body? Not only are you like chanting like a Tibetan monk, but you’re also squirting all over the place. So take it for what it is, which is a beautiful thing. 

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David Davies

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