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Top Tips for a Sexy Valentine's Day

So it's nearly that time of the year when the whole world seems to relish in the celebration of love. But if you want to make this year's Valentine's Day one that your partner will never forget, why not consider using some or all of these tips?

​​ Secretly Book a Hotel Room

Yeah okay, it's a bit cliché but it works! Although it's not a surprise, we're doing this exact thing this year. If you can afford it, book a nicely presented room at a hotel. It doesn't have to be miles away from home, just far enough away from all the crap at home. This way you can concentrate on each other and it'll give you both a chance to connect on a more intimate level once you're away from all of the usual day to day distractions.
Oh and if you can, see if you can buy some new lingerie for yourself or your partner and save this for your weekend away. Just don't be surprised if it doesn't stay on for very long! You can also up the ante by buying some new sex toys for you both to enjoy when your tucked up in bed on Valentine's weekend. However, this doesn't need to be restricted to this particular weekend, if for whatever reason you can't do anything on the 14th February, you can always do this and have your very own personal Valentine's dirty weekend away!


Treat Your Partner

Whether you're at home or away, get them their favorite food, drink etc. A small gesture like this will go a long long way as they'll realize that you know them on a deeper and meaningful level so much so that they know how much you'll appreciate a small gesture such as this.
After they've devoured or drunk their treat. Why not engage in a sensual and erotic massage? This'll get both of your juices going (no pun intended) and it'll step the evening up a gear. If you're able to use a massage candle as this will not only provide romantic candlelight but will also provide you will massage oil as it melts. Some massage candles are also edible so after you've worked out all the knots and eased their muscles, you can then tease them by licking any excess away.

Try Something New

Spice things up a bit and you just might be surprised by your partner's reaction as well as your own.  I'm not talking do anything extreme (unless you want to) but even if it's improvising with a bit of role play or a bit of light bondage if you haven't tried this before, it'll show your other half that you're willing to push the boundaries and are up for new things. It may sound simple but just by trying new things helps to keep your sex lives fresh and interesting.
Why not select a new toy together that you're both keen on trying and when you're closeted away on what it supposed to the most romantic night of the year, bring out your new present to each other and see how you get on with it. Whatever you choose to do that's new and out of the ordinary for you, just remember, keep it light-hearted, this way if it doesn't go as you planned or expected, neither you or your partner will be too concerned.

Go Out to Dinner & Take Control

Whichever of you is the more dominant person, when you get to the restaurant, take charge of what your other half eats and drinks. This may sound a little odd, but if you order what you know they enjoy, they'll appreciate it and it'll register with them that you know them pretty damn well. If you like things on the more kinky side of life, then this is likely to happen anyway if and when you go out to dinner but if kink isn't your thing, it can be a surprisingly romantic gesture to a very surprised partner.
If you can, maybe spoil them to a full 3-course dinner and perhaps even throw in a glass or two of bubbly?

Shut Out The Outside World

Oh and more thing, turn your damn phones off! You don't need to be checking Twitter, Facebook and Instagram when you're supposed to be with your other half. Not only does it send the signal of "I'm not interested" but it's bloody rude!

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