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Discovering a tantric de-armoring

“I have learned how to do vaginal de-armoring, ”

a friend of mine says to me and keeps smiling.

“If you wish I could perform it on you."

While my knowledge about sex and sexuality is quiet wide and I keep learning new things every day.  But, it doesn’t mean I feel the need to experience every single thing I learn or hear about sex.  

And, then there is Miriam, an open-minded woman who is very curious about sex and feels the need share all the spicy details with you.

From the time Miriam had her first tantric massage, she became interested in it.  She says it was such a liberating feeling, that it made her want to learn the techniques and provide massage for others. She took it very seriously and very quickly Miriam was holding several certificates in her hand.

After her generous offer to perform it on me, I had to find more information about de-armoring. Even though Miriam explained what it was, I still had a number of questions and I just kept thinking about possible “blockades” stored in my vagina.  At the same time, I was a little shocked that a friend of mine does such a thing, to be honest with you.  I began searching the  Internet for more information on de-armoring,  I came up with results of several theories about where and when it all started.

As I entered search words on Google I got more and more information  It is note-worthy to mention that it’s roots can  be found in Native American Traditions. De-armoring was performed for physical and psychological purposes. It was, and still can be, a very Shamanic experience, lifting mind into liminal space, where spontaneous healing may occur. In native traditions, de-armoring aimed far beyond the liberation of sexual energies. It was meant to free life force energy from the pain of the past,  and was a therapy to expand joy and health overall.


It was performed in Traditional Chinese Medicine acupressure, as well. They say de-armoring correlates pain and emotion in the flow of chi (energy of life itself, recognized as the balance of Yin and Yang) in specific points.

Finally, I came across of some scientific results saying that concept of de- armoring evolved from Wilhelm Reich’s study on the 1930s.

His theory was life events (everything from emotional pain to the experience of birth) cause muscular constrictions in the body’s tissues. Memories retrigger a muscular reaction, further contracting the body. Reich’s experience was that by removing the armor, by softening the body through specific bodywork techniques, orgasmic capacity is significantly enhanced. His practice of healing emotions and physical ailments through the body was part of a larger movement in that era, and led to the development of many modalities such as Rolfing, Bowen Therapy, Re-birthing etc.

After reading and processing this first round of information, I was still not convinced it was something I want to try or even needed.  But, I  “kept digging” hoping it would help me understand Miriam and what exactly she got herself into!

As I kept searching I came across loads of information about de-armoring benefits for the body.  But before giving these to you, I need to tell you about the process to get de-armord,  how all the “magic” happens

De-Armoring is a bodywork practice of applying pressure to specific points on the body known to release emotions, memories, or physical constrictions which impede one’s experience of being embodied – on a sensate, psychological, emotional, and even psychic level.  In contemporary practice, de-armoring is most often done to expand the body’s capacity for sexual pleasure and is called Tantric De-Armoring.

This process can be done externally, internally or through conversation and talk therapy. If your sexual energy, does not flow freely throughout your body, if you experience discomfort during sex, or if you need a short peak orgasm to release sexual energy, de-armoring of the vagina and/or the anus might make a huge difference. It helps to find your natural sensitivity and helps to get your horniness back.


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