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Virtual Reality: What the Future of Sex Holds for Women

  Technology is coming for us, whether we want it to or not. It's coming for our homes, cars, and families; our jobs, pets, and kids. It's also coming for our sex.If we thought the internet porn revolution was big, wait till we see what sex in virtual reality will look - and, more importantly, feel - like. Eventually, things will start seeming pretty wild.Imagine yourself on the couch 12 years from now. You get a weird impulse to have a threesome, but leaving the house means getting up from the couch, and you won't be doing that. Thankfully, your VR headset is on the pillow next to you, right where you left it. You plug in and go to your favorite threesome template. Before starting, you think, "Screw it," and scroll back to your eightsome templates. Then you enjoy a full, sensational Tuesday night eightsome, without having to get up in the real world.
The only thing off about that example is that 12 years is a conservative estimate. VR is growing like mad, and it's preparing a host of options for men and women alike. Read on below to see what the technology has in store for women.



With porn being absurdly easy to access through the internet, the current generation is faced with sex head-on in a new and unfamiliar way. Even if things seem relatively sexual now, we can't imagine how virtual reality porn and sex robots will affect culture.

There will be plenty of behind-the-curtain opportunities for women looking to get into the growing VR sex industry. While most men can imagine a VR experience that most other men will enjoy, sex technology produced with female direction will offer men the opportunity to have new, multi-layered fun.

Of course, the same type of fun will be available to women.

Aside from using VR for pleasure, there are plenty of technological innovations on the horizon that will help women with several aspects of sex, including meeting potential suitors.

These VR experiments can serve as a deeper form of sexual education. An example comes from Emory University and Georgia Tech, two institutions that partnered to create a virtual experience that helps women practice saying no to men in a nightclub.

Women often meet someone out in public and feel awkward about it. Despite their impulse to leave, it can be difficult to simply say no and walk away. The idea behind this virtual experiment is to allow women the opportunity to practice saying no in a visceral way, so that the reaction will seem less uncomfortable in real life.

With the nuances that come with the female dating perspective, VR is sure to offer a helping hand as its capabilities continue to improve.

BaDoinkVR created their own sex ed program called Virtual Sexology II. They've included an option for men and for women, both designed by sex therapists.

The idea behind the program is to enable individuals to become better at having sex, whatever that might mean. Men can learn to decipher their partner's body signals, and women can familiarize themselves with their bodies by experimenting with touch.

In the environment of Virtual Sexology II, participants are safe in a digital space where they can learn about sex.

This is a great simplification of what sex therapy currently looks like. For instance, it’s discomforting for a man suffering from premature ejaculation to masturbate in front of a sex therapist. Soon, any man or woman can tackle their sexual issues head-on in the virtual world, without a stranger watching.

A representative from VR adult webcam service AliceX told The Independent that their work aims to meet the demands of both male and female members. One day, the company plans to launch a website meant to be used exclusively by women.

“What better way to explore fantasies than from the safety of your home computer? It allows you privacy and anonymity, while VR provides the opportunity to feel physically present in the experience," she tells The Independent. "It also offers a less-than-solo sexual option for single ladies, without the risk that casual sexual encounters attract."

Are you optimistic about the future of sex with virtual reality? Do you think women will get a kick out of it? Send us your thoughts!


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