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Reasons to Start Your Day With A Little Hanky Panky

Some people start their mornings with coffee, or a shower, or even the crossword puzzle in the local paper; these are all time-tested methods of shaking off the remnants of last night's slumber.  If these prove too uninspired to motivate you to start your day, maybe you should try a little early morning hanky panky.  Aside from the fact that there are a number of associated health and beauty benefits, it's just plain fun!  Here we run down 15 perfectly logical reasons why getting busy first thing in the morning could be the best idea you have all day.


You'll start you'd day with a glow. The rush of endorphins and DHEA caused by orgasms can help repair skin damage and radiate a healthy glow.

You both have morning breath. All is fair in love and morning sex. You're both on even playing grounds, bad breath and all.

You'll work up a healthy morning appetite. Getting busy first thing in the morning may just keep you from skipping breakfast. Who doesn't want a little something to snack on after doing the deed?

If you're lucky, your bedroom buddy may even make you breakfast. Score!

Your clothes are already off. Half of the work's done. No explanation necessary.

There'll be no need to hit the gym. An hour of bumping and grinding can burn almost as many calories as a 30-minute jog, as published by the Public Library of Science.

It's not like you really wanted to go sweat it out at the gym anyway, right?

It's a treat for your hair. Morning sex boosts estrogen levels, that help make your hair and skin healthier and stronger, according to Dr. Debby Herbenick.

He's probably already excited. If you're not into all of the foreplay, morning whoopee will probably be ideal. You can skip the foreplay and get to the good stuff.

It helps fight off stress and depression. Sexual arousal is accompanied by the release of "feel good" hormones, which help relax you and can make you feel better.

You'll remember it. Kicking off your day with some loving ensures that you will remember it (hopefully, for the right reasons.)

You'll boost your immunity. The surge of endorphins also acts as an immunity booster that will help better fight off all of the germs you're sure to face throughout the day.

It beats a cup of coffee any day of the week. It's also free!

You'll get a pick-me-up before work. Who doesn't need a little boost before braving the world in the morning?

It can be pretty intense. When we first wake up, we are at one of the most vulnerable points in our days. We don't have on makeup, or clothes, or even underwear sometimes. Sharing that moment with someone else can be unforgettable.

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