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Hot Or Not? Men Open Up About How They Really Feel When A Woman Squirts During Sex

Many women find that having an orgasm during sex can be difficult. For others, orgasming can be--- a talent. Squirting is somewhat of a myth, but a handful of women are able to make it happen. In adult films, squirting is hot, but what about in real life? Here, 15 men took to Reddit to discuss what they really thing when a woman squirts during sex.

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User TheCryptic. "I've been married around 15 years and just recently (this year) discovered that my wife squirts. I'm hoping this is is a new ability rather than a decade and a half of mediocre sex. Fortunately it surprised her as much as it did me."

User BIOHAZARDB10. "I think its the sexiest thing ever. It makes me feel like I actually did something."

Anonymous user. "Don't mind, with some warning. Was going down on a girl, went full on, open mouth blowing on her clit while fingering her, she squirted and hit the back of my throat and made me gag. It's bitter."

User i_piss_in_jars. "ofcourse it wouldnt be a deal breaker im not 15, i would just deal with it, in my experience it has smelt putrid, but that was not with my current SO."

User boxaga. "It's like getting a curly fry in your fries. Its something extra that is sweet as f*ck. Also to me it's a physical sign that I just rocked someone's world so it's a confidence booster."

User cawkstrangla. "I'm going to go against the grain here and say that I don't find it attractive and the clean up seems like it would be inconvenient. Both sides of the argument seem to have irrefutable evidence and testimony that it is pee or is not pee. I don't care what it is because either way it is not for me."

User eDgEIN708. "Most guys I've talked to have found it to be a huge turn on. About 25% of girls I know can't do it. On both sides of the coin, it seems to generally be a bonus. It's definitely nothing to be embarrassed about."

User ICEFARMER. "It's really hot unless it ruins my drapes or any electronics or goes right in my eye. The clean up takes a bit more and needs quicker attention. But hot. Very hot. Want see again and film hot."

User DrGrizzley. "My wife started squirting only after we were married and it did take some time for her to become comfortable with it. After she realized that she really only squirted if she was having a pretty epic orgasm. Between that and some cuddle time talking about it she now hopes she has a squirting orgasm. I enjoy it as well since it shows I'm doing it right."

User andreicmello. "Only been with one. To me, it's not hot but it's not a turn off either. A warning is appreciated though, I found out she was a squirter when I was going down on her and I didn't find that pleasant."

User BigBroHo. "I had a girlfriend that squirted, I liked it at first, because I knew that I was getting her off. but after a while... ehhh... I got sick of washing my bedding every day. That wasn't a deal breaker by any means, she just got really clingy and I couldn't take that."

User dasautomobil. "I love it and I am more than happy to make my partner squirt, but it gets so messy and annoying to a certaint point with the clean up. It also smells real bad when it is dried the next day."

User Ludovico. "completely hot. As with all sex related things there is no "normal" or "weird". Your's is the only opinion that matter's in this situation. And although i can understand her embarrassment, as this isn't something that is talked about much in popular culture, if you like it then hopefully she can relax and let you enjoy.”

User mrcrassic. "Absolutely effin love it. It is incredibly, incredibly hot. While it can be a PITA to wash yet another towel that she drenched or having to worry about being quick to clean up stuff after fun times are over (the smell gets increasingly overpowering if left standing, even if she's clean), I'll strongly encourage it anytime!"

User NetPotionNr9. "Nothing like hot pu**y gushing. Tell her to let it go, she'll enjoy it a lot more. Just keep everything handy that you need to clean / help her afterwards."

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