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Will you be dating in 2025?

According to futurologist Ian Pearson, sex with a humanoid robot will be common practice for those of us who can afford it by 2025. He predicts it will overtake sex between humans fully as early as 2050. By then I will be 75 years old. This means I will most likely witness this rise of the sex machines. Maybe my daughter will come home one day introducing her Data to me. Maybe I’ll even have a Data on the side…

Even though I tend to believe this prophecy, I find it hard to believe having sex with a robot could be so fulfilling that we won’t be sexually interested in our own species anymore. Ian Pearson claims the following:

“A lot of people will still have reservations about sex with robots at first but gradually as they get used to them, as the AI (artificial intelligence) and mechanical behaviour and their feel improves, and they start to become friends with strong emotional bonds, that squeamishness will gradually evaporate, While some people will enthusiastically embrace relationship-free robot sex as soon as they can afford one, as early as 2025, it won’t have much chance of overtaking sex with humans overall until 2050.”

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This robot obviously had a rough night…

I certainly believe a humanoid robot at some point can and will reach perfection. It will feel like us, talk like us, smell like us, move like us. It can be designed exactly how we like it. It can look like our favorite movie star. It will do and say what we want it to. No more ‘sorry baby, I have a headache’, ‘I am too tired’ or other excuses. It will always be ready to do what we desire. And it will do it better – technically – than any of us humans ever could.
We may even develop feelings for a robot. I mean, we can love our car, our new kitchen, our comfy homey pants or our preferred sex toy, right? It’s easy to love ‘things’. They are as they are, they don’t change. Things are dependable and reliable until they at some point break. Then we simply buy a new one, a better one. So why not desire or even love a robot?

Actually, it sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Apart from the fact, there will be no more refusal, no more premature ejaculation, no more wham bam, thank you ‘mam, no more orgasm gap, no more unwanted pregnancies, no more sexually transmitted infections (unless a robot is being shared), relationships with robots will be so wonderfully uncomplicated. No more annoyances, no more fights or misunderstandings. No need to worry it may leave us. We can give it all our love without never getting hurt and it will love us forever.

But… it will not really love or desire us. It will not really enjoy the fact that it is pleasing a human. It will not really feel satisfied after the blow hobby (= a voluntary blowjob given with enthusiasm btw) it received. It may cuddle you afterward, but only because it has been programmed to. And there won’t be any chemistry or a connection on some spiritual level – at least not from its side.

I don’t know about you, but for me chemistry, the anticipation, not knowing what the other one will do to me, seeing his lust for me and knowing I am doing him good, the merging of two human beings, is what excites me most about sex. A technically good fuck – orgasm included – does satisfy greatly in that moment, but it does not sustain. It wears off whereas the other sensations linger on. It’s like going out for dinner. The food may be amazing, but to make it truly a night to remember it needs everything else: the beautiful weather, the coziness of the restaurant, the friendly service, the smell of the food, the tasteful background music, the pleasant company, the meaningful, funny conversations.

I seriously doubt a robot could ever be more than the best possible sex toy ever. But I am going to pre-order my Tom Hardy and Michael Fassbender lookalike sex robots anyway. You know, by way of variety   Until the time has come we can enjoy this sexy video by Add N To (X) – from 1999 by the way.

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