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Sex dolls turned into elite escorts! Wanna date a super realistic sex doll? Now you can do that!

Fantasizing about doing it with a sex doll? LumiDoll has the most realistic escort dolls in the industry!

We live in a high-tech world so it’s natural for the sex toys industry to keep up with the latest trends. Remember the good old inflatable dolls? Their simplistic design and usability? Well, now that’s a thing of the past!

A new type of sex doll has conquered the market – the super realistic LumiDoll, a sex doll that is similar to a woman in both the movement of the joints and the way they feel when you touch them.

So, you feel like getting a little wild and expand your erotic horizon? You’ve always fantasized about doing it with a hot sex doll? Now is your chance of fulfilling that naughty desire.  

But the LumiDoll escort is not targeting only fetish lovers! It is also dedicated to shy men, that have a difficult time talking to a woman or approaching her. And what a better way to learn how to get around a woman’s body if not with a super realistic sex doll?

The first escort doll agency in the world!

LumiDoll is the first sex dolls agency and it functions in Barcelona, Spain. It works just like a regular escort agency, the only difference is that in this case, you are booking a date with a totally realistic doll and not with an actual woman.

You are interested in a date with a gorgeous escort that is always looking her best, always fresh, always smiling and always agreeing to your naughty ideas in bed? Then enter and book a date with a beautiful doll escort!

You get to choose the lady – petite or tall European, cute Asian or hot Japanese anime character; her outfit – maybe you want her to be dressed like a sexy maid, a naughty school girl, a hot mistress or a sensual MILF in luxurious lingerie; and the mood – a romantic date with candles and music, a dungeon where you can be the dominant and so on. The doll escort will be expecting you in a private room, dressed just like you’ve desired.

According to LumiDoll, in each room, you’ll have condoms and special lubricants to use during your time with the doll escort. There’s also a TV with some adult materials, to get you started and set up the mood.

Hygiene and Functionality

Just like all women, the LumiDoll sex doll has an oral cavity, a vaginal and an anal one. And, because of the flexible joints, the doll can be placed in any position you may desire. Also, another major plus is the flesh feel you have when touching the doll, sensation offered by the high-quality material used to create the dolls.

During the use of any of the dolls cavities – oral, vaginal or anal, you must use the lubricants that you’ll find in the rooms. When it comes to hygiene, the sex dolls are properly disinfected before and after each service with special antibacterial soap.

You want to pull an all-nighter with the doll you fantasize about, or you just don’t want to go to the establishment where the dolls are? In that case, all you have to do is make an appointment and have the escort doll delivered to your place.

Sounds exciting, right? Then pick up the phone and enjoy the latest thrill in the escorting world – the sex doll escort from!


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