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Quiet Study - Erotic Fiction

I’m sprawled out on the couch when I hear my text tone alert of an umpire yelling “PLAY BALL!”. The cat lifts her head from the end of the couch and back down, Sorry to disturb you I whisper. It’s Dallas my old professor turned occasional lover. Finish your work? I’m sprawled out on my couch under my Yankees blanket, half naked, watching My 600 Pound Life and answering work emails from my phone. No. Haven’t started. Plenty of time.” I know the professor in him is saying “typical”, the father in him is saying, “get it done”, but the lover in him is smiling “of course note”. He tells me he’s in the library grading essays. Where? Come find me. Always a game with him. I gather my stuff and head over. I send a photo that I’m on the way. Nice ribbon. He always liked when I wore my ribbons.

You gonna tell me where in the 5 story maze-building you are? I’m only in the library like 1x a semester. Photo clue #1:of his view out the window. Hmm..looks like 5th floor. A thumbs up emoji appears. I think to myself of where he could be on the walk over as photo clue #2 appears: P-PR Language & Literature. Sure, cause that helps.   LOL I make my way to the fifth floor and find him in the back of the building in a corner personal-study booth. His headphones are in but I can hear Dean Martin’s “Volare” as he keeps working; glancing at me with a smile as I sit across from him in the other booth unpacking. I give a slight eye-roll, You’re a hard man to find. Shh..Mae West he whispers with a wink. I sit and begin working. We only see from the eyes up. We communicate through text but flirt with our eyes; his blues against my green.

Wanna get dirty in News & Periodicals? He glances up. I jerk my head towards the book shelves and raise my eyebrows. He smiles.

I prefer Language and Literature

Si Senor. Take me in front of Moby Dick and speak your spaneesh. 

He adjusts his position and tries not to laugh. You’re gonna get us in trouble.

 The gentleman called, the geisha appeared.

We continue our work but catch each other making eyes. It’s hard to focus. His shirt matches his eyes, blue checkered button up with sleeves rolled up and a 70’s rock band t-shirt underneath.

D4 My eyes smile for me as I giggle.

his eyebrows scrunch. ??? D2?? IDK

Sunk my battleship.

You have worse ADD than my kids he shakes his head.

After an hour or so we pack up. He invites me over for dinner since kids are gone for the weekend. I tell him I’ll be over. We part without touching and it kills me, but drives the hunger inside of my wanting him. I pull up to his house 2 hours later.


Another photo clue: his book shelf in his office.

I walk in and up the stairs. The dogs alert him to my presence. I’m in a skirt, wedges, and tight blouse..ribbon still in place. He’s standing up at his book shelf looking for something. I perch myself in an empty spot on his desk next to him. Taking in his muscles and slim physique. I blush when my eyes make my way back up his body and realize he’s been watching me. I can feel the wetness between my legs as I sit up. Wanna take me against the bookshelves?  No. I want to take you in the Study. 

He steps over and I spread my legs to welcome his palm slide up my inner thigh, fingers lingering outside my panties. His other hand finds it around my pony tail and on the back of my head- holding me back slightly so he can get my neck in the right angle. His lips are smooth against my skin, his hands firm on my body. I surrender to his dominance. 

Lost in his kiss our clothes are off in almost an instant. I slide off the desk and he turns me around, hands pinned behind my back. He leans down and whispers, Shh..not talking. You’re not allowed to say a word. I release my hands and hold on to the opposite edge. Ready for him to silently take me over his textbooks. I giggle as he bends me over his desk and gently fucks me, cock already hard. His thrusts are gentle but assertive as he picks up pace. He turns me over when my nails scratch his desk. 

Facing him I sit back on the desk as our tongues dance together; hands laced at my side, legs pulling him closer. He kneels down and takes me in his mouth. His tongue is warm as it dances on my clit. I’m breathlessly moaning and pulling his hair, pushing him into me for more. Mmmm yes…oh my god.. Sshhh! He smiles. 

He stands in front of me fully erect, leaning against the bookshelf. I take him in my hands and feel every inch. His hands roam my body as he closes his eyes and relaxes in the ecstasy. I slide down to my knees and devour him completely. Tightening my lips as I come back down his shaft. My green eyes spark war with his blues. Power is mine, control is not. He stands me and places me against the shelf, my foot holds on to the binder titled “Harvard 2007” for leverage as he glides through my wetness ever so easily. 

I’m lost in the sounds of his grunts and moans as our bodies match and he pounds me harder and harder against old college thesis’ and textbooks. Whispers of “harder” “oh god” “yes” “fuck me” and “deeper” leave my mouth between kisses and into his ear, teeth grazing his shoulder for more. He pins my hands above me as he moves faster, getting closer. Im ready. I’m as open as the book on the floor. He can turn my pages anytime. 

Faster and deeper we move together. My moans are uncontrollable. My pink & white acrylics digging into the backs of his hands as his tongue plays on my nipples. 

I wrap a leg around him tightly as I tell him to “fuck me! Uhhhhh yes come on…give it to me.” Pace quickens once more. Sweat dripping, faces red, breathing heavy into each other. It hits us both at the same time and I scream out the same time he grunts and thrusts into me, “fuuuccckk!!! Yes! Yes! Oh my god!” I’m breathless. He relaxes into my neck and rests his head as we catch our breath. I lean my head against his, eyes locking once more. Mine win as a single sentence causes a smile across his lips. 

So…how about that dinner? 

Name of author: 
Vegas in Sugar

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