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Anna and Bert - part I

It was a lovely summer’s day at sea. A gentle breeze caressed the day sailors’ young bodies. The ship’s smoothly rushing bow countered the rigging’s occasional hum. Flat out on the deck, Anna was dozing off under the towering sails’ shadows. Bert was at the wheel, but could not keep his eye on the horizon. She was like an angel, her heavenly body surrounded by rays of golden hair… the gentle rocking ship caused shadows to caress het lovely forms that shone softly with sweat and sunbathing oil… unknowingly, she allowed him a glance between her breasts, her navel winking at him in his wild imagination…

Closing his eyes in vein, he saw her body still depicted against the darkness of his eyelids. The wind blew harder until it became a fierce gale, his hands clutched the steering wheel as the ship went down in the darkness of his desire… he was swept overboard, but she was a beacon on the beach he was washed upon, finding safety between her widespread legs… he got lost in a landscape of soft forms, a wordless love song drifted on the scent of her sweet perfume… the swelling tide drove him into her arms, her lips were made to kiss and drink his breath… a new gale came up, heavier still… her thighs caressed his hips as she opened up, instantly he was caught in a wild stream, he lost hold of everything and fell into her endless deep… the swell swallowed him but he didn’t drown in the comfortingly warm twister that surrounded him: her kiss filled his lungs with love… and he regained conscience. To his relieve the ship was still afloat, but the steering wheel was hot as hell…

When he was released, he went to the foredeck. Rolling over, Anna looked at his beautiful, bronze torso, his shining muscles made him look like the ship’s figurehead. When he put his hand on a belaying pin, her imagination ran away with her. Her hips matched the gentle rocking of the ship, her breasts rolled on the deck… she hardly noticed her mouth opening up just a little… she turned over once again – too late: the wetness between her thighs made her blush. She stood up, trying to be invisible as she made her way into the cabin, flopping on a sofa just in time before a giant jerk caused her spine to curve.

Her body took way too long to recover. She shivered at the thought of somebody seeing her. Her hair was a mess, her bikinis had sagged and her thighs were soaking…



Quietly she slipped into her cabin to change. But once she was naked the summer breeze came in through the window, caressing her all over, getting deep under her skin. She rolled on the bunk bed and again gave in to her desire. This time she was as relaxed as ever, time might as well stand still… the ship almost rocked her to sleep… for the first time in her life her hands found their way to the most precious parts of her body… until they finally came to rest between her thighs, leaving her in total wellness…


Spreading her legs she dreamed far away… her body drifted weightlessly in the universe where she was not alone… towering above her he flowed into her… he was everywhere inside her, she was everywhere around him… he was tender and wild, she was weightless but oh so tangible… she moved in his rhythm, he floated on her waves… a storm came up, hot flames surrounded her, caused by a swirling tornado inside her underbelly… but he was with her, easing the raging storm until she drifted away on a summer breeze towards the rising sun… she welcomed the sparkling rays that he kept giving and giving until they completely filled her body… “Oh Bert…” she sighed, “oh, Bert… oh…”


“Anna! Where are you?” Bert’s voice rang out suddenly, right next to the cabin door. “In here!” she replied, sounding just a little too excited, “I erm… I got dizzy from the heat. I’ll be right back.” She licked her fingers, slipped into her silk shirt and G-string and went back on deck, trying to be invisible – only to run straight into Bert. “Hi Anna, are you okay?” he asked.

“Yes, I am,” she smiled, “hot, ain’t it?” She quickly walked on, incapable of repressing a steaming blush.

The rest of the day neither of them dared to address the other. But at the gangway they couldn’t bring themselves to saying goodbye. After air-kissing each other their eyes kept meeting, both of them giggling shyly… only when there were just the two of them left did Anna venture to invite Bert: “Want to see my… place?”

He just nodded.

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