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Top 3 most common sex allergies. Spot and prevent them!

Yes, sex allergies are a real thing and are affecting a clear majority of people, all around the world! You are wondering why you haven’t heard of such thing till now? Well, because of the taboo nature of the topic and because no one likes to admit in public that he/she has a sex caused allergy, especially if the allergies effects are quite visible, like hives, redness of the skin and so on.

But do not panic! Having a sex allergy doesn’t mean that you must stop having sex. No, because the sex allergy is not related to the sexual act per se, but can be related to the things involved in the intercourse, like lube, condoms and even your partner's sperm!

So, you ladies working in the escort industry are much likely to be exposed to such an allergy, but what’s important is to react promptly whenever you experience symptoms like hives, rashes, burning sensations or irritation during or after sex.

Also, do not forget that’s some of those symptoms are a clear sign of a sexually transmitted disease, but if you do your tests regularly and the idea of an STD clears out, then you must analyse the products you are using during sex and eventually even the partner, because there may lay the cause to your problem.

1.      The lube allergy

The lube is a girl’s best friend, especially if that particular lady works as an escort or simply enjoys having sex as often as possible. Lube is the magical invention that eases things during sex and makes everything run smoothly, but it can also cause some damage if you turn out to be allergic to some of its ingredients.

So, if you find a good quality lube, that works for you, try to stick to it and try to have it in handy, so that you won’t have to turn to other unknown types of lubricants when in need.

Although there are plenty of lubricants on the market, with “miracle” effects: cooling lubes, warming up lubes, vagina tightening lubes and so on, you should stick with a more natural, water-based one if you want to avoid some unpleasant surprises during your escort date.

A lube allergy feels different from one person to another, but here are some of the most common sensations, related to this type of sex allergy: the burning sensation, felt both on your labia and inside into the vagina, if the lube managed to get down there; an itchy sensation during or after sex – it’s a sign of lube allergy if you ruled out the possibility of a yeast infection or a sexually transmitted infection; if you see dryness, a rash or even eczema appearing after using the lube.

Another result of using the wrong lube for you is the bladder infection that appears when the lube hosts the bacteria near your urine tube.

Talk to your doctor about the symptoms you are experiencing and if the possibility of an STD and STI or a yeast infection are ruled out, they examine the lube you’ve been using and look for a hypo-allergenic, water-based or silicone-based, lube formula.

Stay away from lubes that contain alcohols like acetate, stimulants like menthol, warming agents like propylene glycol, spermicides, flavorings and scents.

2.      The latex allergy

You’ve been dealing with rashes, itching, burning sensation or even anaphylactic reactions? Then you should reconsider the condoms or the plastic based sex toys you’ve been using!

But don’t despair, because the condom technology has come a long way, and now you can find on the market some pretty great alternatives to the old latex condoms. What’s important to have in mind is to always have your own type of condoms with you during a date, so that you won’t get into the position when you have to use something that your partner have and end up with an allergy!

The polyurethane condoms – unlike the latex ones, these condoms are thinner and less elastic, being able to better transfer the body heat between the condom and the skin, making the sensations during sex, way more vivid and intense. They also tend to have a longer shelf life and be resistant to UV lighting and temperature.

The polyisoprene condoms – are stretchier and thicker than the latex or polyurethane ones, but that makes them even more resistant to breakage. You can safely use them with water-based or silicone-based lube, but not with oil-based lubricants. Even though we are talking about a stronger, thicker condom, the feeling to the touch is soft and offers great sensations during sex!

3.      The sperm allergy

Yes, you’ve heard that right, you could be allergic to your date’s semen and that is why after a date with one of your regulars or first-timers, you could experience vaginal itching or burning or even urticaria. If the STD’s, STI’s and yeast infections are being ruled out and you have no lube or condom allergies, then this might be the explanation!

You could experience sperm allergy symptoms with all your dates or only with some of them and that is explainable because you are not allergic to the sperm itself, but to the proteins contained in the seminal fluids. An explanation might be that you are actually allergic to a type of food or medication that your partner has consumed and transmitted into his seminal fluid.

All you can do in this case is refusing to date that particular client in the future or try to avoid having direct contact with his sperm if you want to stay away from those pesky side effects of the sperm allergy!


So, ladies be very careful with your health, keep an eye on the products and toys you are using and always listen to the signs your body is giving you! Always use your own lube, condoms and sex toys, because you know your tolerance to them and never overlook a post-sex symptom you are experiencing in your vagina area!

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