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6 hot ways to put on a condom

Every escort whose motto is “protection first” knows the drill when it comes to putting a condom on: grab the foil, rip the wrapper, and roll it on the client’s penis. It doesn’t have to be this mechanical, though. The anticipation and excitement are sure to go down the drain if we turn into robots with only one thought in mind: how to put it into as many holes as possible before we’re out the door.

There are so many better ways to put on a condom and each of them makes the whole experience so much more exciting and fun. Try one or try them all, we guarantee your encounter will be mind-blowingly hot!

Delay the pleasure

Go straight in for a blowjob, then, when he tells you he’s this close to coming, stop what you’re doing and put a condom on his dick. Do it carefully, because the head of his penis will be very sensitive. After the protection is on his boy, go for mish or doggy style and continue the fun where you left it off. The pleasure will be that much more intense, trust us. For both of you.

Teamwork for the win

Many guys get relly turned on when they see a hot lady putting a condom on their penis. Gentlemen, picture this: you have a gorgeous girl kneeling in front of you trying to rip the condom’s wrapper. Wouldn’t it be hotter if you guided her hand as she rolls the protection down your dong? It creates a more intimate sensation, not to mention you’ll feel your shaft getting harder and harder with her hands down there.

Lubrication goes a long way

A lubricant a day keep the boredom away. Especially if you guys don’t like condom sex. The girl you’re with will start by holding the condom by the rim with one hand while her other hand will put two drops of warming lube into the condom’s center. She will then flip it over your penis and roll it down to fit it. Pretty soon you’ll feel so incredibly aroused by the lube going all the way south, you’ll want to enter her ASAP.

Put those sensual lips to work

Ladies, nothing is more exciting for a guy than to see him use your pretty mouth to put a condom on his Johnson. The trick is to first put the tip of the condom on the very end of your tongue. Time to roll it onto your tongue completely, then, when you’re done, put your mouth around his dick. The pièce de résistance is when you push the condom down on to his penis using your lips and tongue. He’ll love the whole thing so much!

Do it 69 style

We bet lots of you guys and gals love 69. No, not the number, the infamous sex position. The lady companion has to be on top for this to work. While your client is doing his heavenly work on our clitoris, put the condom onto his cock with your mouth. Add some sucking play to the whole thing and his knees will go weak with pleasure. After the protection is in place, time to go as wild as you want.

Lick, stroke, repeat

Don’t be in a haste to put that condom on him, ladies. Do it slowly to tease him and make him want you more. Place the protection over his Johnny and make eye contact while you’re doing it. Add some erotic moaning sounds, some stroking and licking, pinch his ass, massage his boys, and your male client is going to lose his mind with desire. The both of you will experience so many intense sensations!


Ready to try these hot new tricks the next time you’re with a guy? Let us know how it went!

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