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MAZE: A collection that celebrates the forbidden by revealing it...

A benchmark in erotic chic based in Barcelona, Bijoux Indiscrets is launching its new collection of classical BDSM-inspired accessories this October. Under the name MAZE, cofounders Elsa Viegas and Marta Aguiar have developed their first line of accessories that blend the private with the public to make eroticism part of the day-to-day. The pieces of this collection can be worn with your favorite outfits, sexy lingerie or bare skin alone.


November 1st marks World Vegan Day. A day of social awareness, the event opens the door to debates on animal welfare and invites you to participate. Veganism is no longer a trend that's confined to the kitchen, with new consumers also demanding quality, beauty, and sustainability for their wardrobes.


During the 12th century, vast outdoor labyrinths served as the ideal location for unleashing people's wildest and most intimate sides. MAZE is an accessories collection based on the intense love affairs and secret fantasies that were lived out amongst these narrow passages. A collection that seeks to celebrate the forbidden by revealing it.


With MAZE, Bijoux Indiscrets captures the brand's commitment to the environment and animal welfare. Featuring 26 bold looks which are available in two different colours (nude and black), the exclusive, highly functional designs of the collection's 52 pieces reject materials of animal origin. Maze's straps and leashes are made from "vegan leather", which is composed of polyurethane: an innovative alternative that maintains style and quality.


MAZE's straps reflect the eroticism and sensuality that bondage accessories bring to the female body, and their irresistible finish adapts to all personalities and figures. Losing yourself amongst the paths of MAZE is easy. Because once inside, no one ever wants to leave...


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