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The Fetish Industry in South Korea

Many of today’s escorts also dabble in webcam modelling as a side source of income. In order to make their mark within this ever-growing industry, some of them choose to go into the more appealing niches. Sometimes it’s BDSM or BBW, but South Korea definitely wins when it comes to original webcam profiles.


Park Seo-yeon (pictured right) gets paid to eat on cam! Every night, she cooks an elaborate meal and eats it while chatting with her loving fans live on cam. During these chats, she receives tips, which can be later exchanged for real currency. The most astounding fact about this whole situation is that she makes enough from her job to live a comfortable life, reaching even $9,000 US dollars per month.


Compared to America’s “food porn” trend, this South Korean internet craze is known as “Meok-Bang”. Park explains that her fans consist of dieters who simply do not want to eat at night or lonely people who do not like to eat alone. “It makes eating alone feel less awkward” explains Reuters.


Think you’ve found your next calling in life? Well, even though Park is considered a celebrity among Meok-Bangers in South Korea, there are many others just like her. Around 3,500 to be exact!        

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