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Olympic Hotties: 2018 Edition

The Winter Olympics are upon us again! I know many people aren’t that into it, but it’s still a fun time to show your patriotism. I prefer the winter events over the summer ones anyway; being from Canada after all. We may not place in the swimming events, but freeze that pool and hand us some skates and we’ll show you what we can do.

Olympic athletes are at the peak of their performance and that comes along with stunning, sculpted figures. This year The Fucket List wanted to look at some of the hottest athletic women the world has to offer. Keep in mind this list is in no particular order. I considered doing a top ten list, but I couldn’t bring myself to rank these extraordinary women. They all get a Gold Medal in my book 

Also, I notice that being hot seems to be a requirement if you’re going to be a world-class snowboarder.

Lisa Zimmermann (Germany)

Age: 21

Sport: Freestyle Skiing

From: Nuremberg, Germany

Instagram: @zimmermannlisa


Alena Zavarzina (Russia)

Age: 28

Sport: Freestyle Snowboarding

From: Novosibirsk, Russia

Instagram: @superzina


Hilary Knight (United States)

Age: 28

Sport: Ice Hockey

From: Palo Alto, California, USA

Instagram: @hilaryknight


Silje Norendal (Norway)

Age: 24

Sport: Snowboarding

From: Kongsberg, Norway

Instagram: @siljenorendal


Jamie Anderson (United States)

Age: 27

Sport: Snowboarding

From: South Lake Tahoe, California, USA

Instagram: @jamieanderson


Gabrielle Daleman (Canada)

Age: 20

Sport: Figure Skating

From: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Instagram: @gabby_daleman


Julia Dujmovits (Austria)

Age: 30

Sport: Snowboarding

From: Gussing, Austria

Instagram: @juliadujmovits


Tessa Virtue (Canada)

Age: 28

Sport: Figure Skating

From: London, Ontario, Canada

Instagram: @tessavirtue17


Nadja Purtschert (Switzerland)

Age: 28

Sport: Snowboarding

From: Pfaffnau, Switzerland

Instagram: @nadjapurtschert


Rowan Cheshire (Britain)

Age: 22

Sport: Freesyle Skiing

From: Alsager, Cheshire, England

Instagram: @rowancheshire


Lindsey Vonn (United States)

Age: 33

Sport: Alpine Skiing

From: Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States

Instagram: @lindseyvonn


Spencer O’Brien (Canada)

Age: 30

Sport: Snowboarding

From: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Instagram: @spencerobrien



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