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Erotic Art Series: Part 1 – Best Erotic Comics

When people hear the word “erotic” they automatically assume that it has something to do with the porn industry. However, erotic art represents so much more than that. Don’t get us wrong, we don’t have anything against adult movies, they’re great, but today, we’re going to talk about another, a more artistic form of adult entertainment – erotic comics. Now, before we go any further, we have to warn you to keep these comic books away from your kids or younger siblings. Now, it really doesn’t matter whether you’re into BBW singles, skinny people, or kinky individuals, these erotic comics will help you achieve a powerful and cathartic sexual awakening. So, without further ado, here are some of the best erotic comics out there that you need to have in your collection.

Black Kiss

This masterpiece by Howard Chaykin was first published back in June 1988. This fantastic and limited series lasted only about a year, but it managed to become one of the most respected and influential comic books in the world of erotic art. This comic is so “dirty” that it had to be distributed and delivered in envelopes. Even the covers were incredibly naughty. Set in Los Angeles in the 1980’s, this comic tells a story about a transsexual prostitute named Dagmar Laine and her lover and their attempt to get a hold of a pornographic movie that was actually stolen from the Vatican’s secret collection. A thrilling crime story with lots of hot and graphic sex scenes.  

Omaha the Cat Dancer

If you’re into furry porn it’s safe to say that Omaha The Cat Dancer is the perfect comic for you. This erotic comic book was rather popular in the late 70’s and its creators Reed Waller and Kate Worley managed to combine a highly sexual content with a pretty satisfying plot. It’s about a hot feline named Susan “Susie” Jensen, who is trying to launch her modeling career while working at a local strip club in Mipple City, Minnesota.

The “Click” Series

To be completely honest, Click is probably not Milo Manara’s best work when it comes to plot and writing, but it possesses absolutely astonishing erotic art. Even though it has only 4 issues, it’s still one of the favorites among erotic art enthusiasts. The story follows a young and gorgeous woman named Claudia Cristiani who is completely passionless. However, a controversial scientist decides to kidnap her and put a remote-controlled device in her brain through which he can trigger her sexual arousal.

Chester 5000

Back in 2013, Jess Fink created a modern day comic book masterpiece. This is a funny story about a man called Robert and his sexually unsatisfied wife Priscilla. After numerous failed attempts to satisfy her, Robert decides to build Priscilla a sex robot (Chester 5000) that will fulfill her carnal needs. The whole plan backfires after Priscilla falls in love with the sex machine.

Lost Girls

This is an extremely erotic comic that features legendary female characters from the old stories and fairytales. More precisely, Alan Moore and his wife Melinda Gebbie created a story in which Alice (from Alice in Wonderland), Dorothy (from The Wizard of Oz) and Wendy (from Peter Pan) meet in an Austrian hotel at the beginning of the World War I, to discuss their sexual adventures from the past. Like that’s not enough, they also end up having some steamy hot sex with other residents of the hotel. Childhood ruined! Or not? You decide.

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