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7 Sex Games to Try in Bed!

The winter vacation period brings some long, cold winter night, just perfect for some role-playing and sexual exploration. What better moment than now to expand your erotic horizon and try out all kind of new, kinky sex games?

So, feeling like spending the holidays in style this year? Then postpone the traditional family vacation and spend it with a hot, gorgeous escort, in bed, playing some naughty naked games!

There’s always a long convention somewhere far from home, a snowstorm or a nasty deadline that you can invoke in order to ditch the holidays and spend those free days relaxing together with a wild, foxy companion.

You’ve finished Kama Sutra and now you’re fishing for some extra sexy ideas to do with your sexy lady? Well, what about some sex games? We are talking about an inexpensive game that can bring a lot of fun in the bedroom.


1.      Nookii

We are starting with Nookii – The Hot Game for Passionate Lovers because is one of the bestselling sex games on the market. Its purpose is to make you explore your partner’s body with different levels of intensity. It has three kind of cards – the “Mm” for warm up, the “ooh” for role-playing scenarios and the “Aah” for a big bang at the end of the game, if you know what we mean! You’ll find it on


2.      The Oral Sex Game

Yeah, there is a game dedicated exactly to that – oral stimulation! The purpose of this game is teasing until the best player wins the big prize, you guessed it…oral sex! You can find this game at


3.      The Massage Seduction Game

You’re feeling a little sore after all the monkeying around in bed, on the floor, on the kitchen countertop or where ever your imagination might have taken you? In that case, it’s time to play the Massage and Seduction Game. The game includes 24 ways to seduce your partner with tantalizing massage techniques, a massage candle that melts into a massage oil, a heart shape massager and a kit of instructions if you are new to this game. Find it on


4.      Poker for Lovers

Want to raise the stakes? Then play some Poker for Lovers. In this game, instead of betting money you’re betting sexual favors that you’ll do for your partner. It’s a game where there’s no loser if you ask us! You can also find it on


5.      Bedroom Bucks Coupons

You’re feeling a little tired after the sex marathon but your partner is still pretty horny and in the mood for more? Here is where the bedroom bucks coupons will save you. Give one to your partner and he can ask for the service on the coupon whenever he/she wants – it can be a massage, oral sex, a certain Kama Sutra position or maybe a kinky BDSM move. Find them on


6.      50 Positions of Bondage Cards

You want to spice things up a little but you don’t know exactly how to do that? Well, the bondage cards will certainly help you. The cards will show you how to add some bondage to your normal sex routine. Get wild playing cards! Find them on


7.      Body Twister

Get fully naked and start playing the dirty, ruff, doggie style, body twister. The body twister is not played on the floor but on your partner’s body. All you have to do is place colored stickers on your partner’s body then roll the dice and place your hands on the colors you roll. Kinky huh? Find it on


Along sexcapade has to be planned if you want it to work. We know that going with the flow and being spontaneous seems fun, but for this kind of trip to be a real success, you must come prepared with some tips and tricks and bring you’re A game on.

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