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Wasteland - Get ready for the Gotham Edition!

Wasteland is the wildest party on earth and Europe’s most notorious straight/gay mixed fetish fantasy extravaganza!


On the first weekend of April, the epicenter of Europe's kinky-scene will be the small Dutch city - Zaandam. For over twenty years, the city has been the home to Wasteland, a party where you can live some of your wildest fantasies, and obviously dance the night away to banging electronic music, all under the same roof.


This year, we will welcome the Gotham Edition! If you are without prejudice… If you love living on the edge… If exploring your wildest fantasies makes you tick...


Visitors from all over the globe will gather for a spectacular night filled with entertainment. 


This edition you can dance with the best Dj like Benny Rodrigues, Lucien Foort, Funkerman, Grant Nelson, Brian S, Clark Kent, C-jay, Sidney Still, Killian Sawn, Ben Manson.

Admire visuals from Kabinet Azar, Run Paint Run  and see the hottest models in shows created by Lords of Acid (Live), Opening Show by Dennis Diem, The Villbergs, Go-Go Fuckers, Twice Shy Peep show , Femke Fatale , Cheddar Georgeous, Out of Thin Air, Viper Squat, Ropemarks, Olifanttakeover, Carmen MonOxide, Shelly d’ Inferno, and many many more …


Wasteland is the best roller-coaster ride for the Pervy mind with three dance floors, 6 performance stages, Lounge, Relax room, Fully equipped dungeon, Smokers area and more...


When you will pass the Door Bitches then you walk into the World of Fetish Fantasy… Create your own Wasteland Experience!

Get ready for the Gotham Edition and enjoy this unique time with us on 7 April 2018 in North Sea Venue in Zaandam!!


Remember - Wasteland is a strict dress code: The Decision of the Bitch is final! 


More information you can find on the Wasteland website.

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