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Fetish Fantasy - Wasteland the Aquaphilia edition! part.2

Wasteland, an event I heard so many stories about. It has always been a desire of mine to be able to attend. Lucky for me, this past weekend I finally had the chance.

I packed my outfit, grabbed a friend and we went for the wildest party on earth! I arrived at North Sea Venue at about 11 at night. The entree line was so crazy that I wait about 25 minutes just to finally get in.

Got ourselves a locker and some guzzle coins, then pass the revise of the door-bitches (pheeew). You need to remember, Wasteland has a strict Dress Code. So if you are not properly dressed (No fabrics allowed) you will not get in the main part of the party.

Once you finally pass the door-bitches, you find yourself in a very different world.

Every event has its own spirit, this time the theme for Wasteland Was Aquafilia. I got lost in a sea off over 2, or even 3 thousand people. It was finally my time to go exploring around. I go walking through different stages, there is plenty to get lost in—from various fetish performances to even a fashion show. A lot of dark corners where people can sit and have some kinky fun with their partner or even partners. If you like to be watched this it the perfect place. Wasteland makes your fantasy a reality. There were plenty of playrooms and I think I manage to see only 2 play areas. There was a BDSM area in one of the playroom’s and the second one was under the main stage, a path between main stage and the second stage.

My friend and I became accustomed to the nakedness in no time. And around 2 AM I bumped into someone giving a blowjob in the middle on the dance-floor.

Four dance floors and a great variety of DJ’s such as Benny Rodrigues, Anil Aras, Hollywood and Vine, Priszilla (see the interview), The G-Team, Killian Sawn (see the interview) time flies. Absorbed by the music, the dance and having fun with friends I lost track of time and missed some of the shows. Mainly the show of Karina Akopyan (see the interview) that I really wanted to see. But the shows that I did get to see were really amazing and I had an incredible time watching them. The beautiful fetish models are almost unrecognizable. They appear dressed in spectacular costumes.

The variety of people present: thick, thin, white, tinted, straight, gay, transgender, Dutch, English, German, you name it were there. And best of all, everyone is equal, open minded and have the same purpose – to have as much fun as they can. Everywhere I look, I see extravagant outfits going from leather and latex. But also not forgetting that ‘being naked’ was the main outfit.

After more than 7 hours of partying my friend and I dragged ourselves to the car and we were on our way home.

So my conclusion – love the party, love the people. It was my first time but definitely not going to be my last time on Wasteland!

See you on the next edition. Hope it will be more kinky and crazy!                                         

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Marta M.

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