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Innovative Sex Tech Abound for 2018!

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo as well as the Adult Novelty Expo in Las Vegas that ran from January 24th through January 27th.  As a patent attorney and technologist, of course, I was giddy to walk the show floors looking for new and intriguing (patented!) Sex Tech.  Here are a few of my favorites!

1. The UPRIZE dildo


This new patented dildo goes from flaccid to erect in seconds at the hit of button on a remote control.  …And it vibrates too.  It has a suction cup base, so it can be attached to flat surfaces.  For couples play, it can instead be fit into a harness.  Quite an innovation from Lovehoney – Bravo!!  Find out more at

2. The THRUSTER dildo


This new patented dildo (USP 9,717,645) thrusts with 3 inches of penetration, up to 40 thrusts per minute, and has 10 adjustable speeds – Wowzers!!  As an added bonus, the shaft is flexible, water resistant, and of course, made of a body safe silicone.  There are four different shaft designs to choose from depending upon your preference.  Pictured above is the inventor, Alex Fima, at his company’s booth at the Adult Novelty Expo.  Pictured below is the dildo in retracted position (on the left) and then in extended position (on the right).  Find out more at


3. The Marcus London “Squirt Watch”


A new product, The Squirt Watch, covered by USP 9,585,809, is a device which assists a user to give a woman a “squirting” (i.e. ejaculating) orgasm.  The watch is pictured above (left) along with its instructional DVD.  According to the device’s paper Instruction Guide:

Marcus London is known for being one of the best in the world at making women achieve a squirting orgasm.  Marcus London’s exact speed and the force of his hand motion were measured at the moment he made women squirt.

We took this algorithm and put it in the Squirt Watch which you are measured against while using it.  If you achieve two green LED’s while using the correct hand/arm movement you are matching Marcus London’s force and speed and she will most likely experience a squirting orgasm!

The “watch” is worn on a user’s wrist while stimulating the vagina of a partner.  The user is supposed to use a particular arm motion and hand configuration for optimal results.  The gentlemen, pictured above (right) in the company’s booth at the Adult Entertainment Expo, are demonstrating the proper hand configuration.  Aaron Headley, seated on the right in the photo, is the inventor of this very unique device!  Find out more at

There was lots of innovative new Sex Tech on display at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo and the Adult Novelty Expo of 2018.  I hope you enjoyed some of the highlights here!


*Feature photo at the top of the page courtesy of Thorsten Heim.

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