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Erotic art from Erotic artists - Seattle Erotic Art Festival

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Seattle Erotic Art Festival encourages the creation, enjoyment, and purchase of erotic art–sparking conversations to ignite personal and cultural evolutions.”

-Seattle Erotic Art Festival Mission Statement


In 2017, the 15th annual event of Seattle Erotic Art Festival will be held at the Seattle Centre. Experience erotic art from erotic artists.

SEAF celebrates and promotes freedom of sexuality, speech, and creativity through the erotic expression of fine art, in all its sexy, beautiful forms.

The three-day - April 28-30, 2017, you can expect some of the finest erotic art in the world.

Come and pursue the world-class visual art gallery and shop in museum-quality Festival Store. You can admire dazzling performances and engage with interactive installations. Enjoy erotic short film exhibition and captivating literary art. You can attend enlightening lectures, workshops, and art tours. And indulge in so much more at this spectacular celebration.

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