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Lust in me - Magic Owen

From an early age, Magic Owen always had an attraction to the arts especially Photography. She started experimenting with film cameras and spending hours in the Darkroom. The digital age gave her freedom to experience new concepts and let her imagination run free. Combining photography and fashion was always meant to be, as her second nature is to style and predict fashion trends. For her it is all about creating a story, looking at every angle of the shoot including hair and makeup. Always buzzing with new ideas, Magic is a true artist, connecting with models to capture something unique and making every editorial fresh and different. Her fashion videos have been featured on fashion TV, Stilo TV, and US TV, winning a 2014 teleAward. Magic is multi-lingual and is in constant worldwide demand for her award-winning fashion photography.

See more of Magic’s work here: WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM

Photographer/Post Processing: Magic Owen || MUA: Eva Gruszcynska|| Stylist: Katie Mcneil 

Hairstylist: Victoria Pickup

Ceci Zhang @ Model Union
Kerry Ann @ Gingersnap

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