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The Doll House - Yvonne Catterson

Yvonne Catterson, has been captivated by photography since age 10. Since then she has been privileged to receive an MA in Photography from the Royal College of Art in London, and to go on to work for many distinguished magazines, design companies and record labels. She loves to create images that stir an emotion; images of life, love, longing, joy and beauty. Images that say something about the human condition, our fragility.

“This story was inspired by one man’s escape and the elaborate fantasy world he’s built. These dolls are real to him. They live in his house. They have names, feelings, personalities. 
One day a real girl came along….”

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Model: Sonya Lynn ||  Make-up Artist : Abigail Quick Make Up || Photographer and stylist: Yvonne Catterson

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