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Top Destinations for Unforgettable Sexcapades: Europe!

Going on an erotic escapade with a hot female escort should be on your to-do list ASAP. Autumn is here, so what better time than this to keep warm and go on a steamy adventure with a woman who knows how to keep the heat in the bedroom? If you’re fresh from your first ever sex exploration of the US and other places close by, but you definitely want more, we have some of the sexiest European destinations just for you. Let us tell you more and pack your bags right now. Here are the top locations you need to visit if you want to have some really great sexy times!


Those passionate French know where it’s at and you know that’s true. Going on an erotic escapade in France should be your top priority. Especially when you have places such as Cap d’Agde, a small town by the seaside and a very popular spot for nudists. Get those clothes off and soak in some vitamin D with a glorious girl who’s doing the same. Or, if you’re not with an escort, you can always try and hook up with a nude French woman. If it works, get ready for a lot of fun options to explore with her; we’re talking eating in your birthday suit at a local restaurant, shopping in the nude, enjoying couples-only nightclubs and so on.


Amsterdam, who can forget about you and your kinky red light district? You have all night to get lost in the city’s strip clubspeep shows, and sex shops. Not to mention the escort agencies that offer all of your heart’s desire for the right price. If you’re into fetishes, they’ve got that covered, too. Since prostitution is every bit legal there, you can sample the market and choose your favorite girl. Here’s a look at the costs: €35-100.


Germany has a lot of kinky people and practices. BDSM, fetishism, you name it. If you’re a service provider and you’re a fan of swinging, get your groove on with another couple at Castle Milkersdorf in Brandenburg. The hosts have some special surprises for you, like no-holds-barred parties on the weekend. You can attend one of these either with your escort or on your own. The parties are always top secret. How does that happen? You have to stay at an inn located near this medieval castle; you’ll then be picked up at 8:30 p.m. and brought back to the inn at 3:30 a.m.


Barcelona, Madrid, and Ibiza are THE places to be if you’re looking for sexy fun. Madrid, for example, has a red light district, just like Amsterdam. Prostitution is also legal there, so hop on and enjoy yourself if you decide to visit this famous spot. The majority of sex workers come from South America instead of Spain, but they’re still amazing and know how to press all the right buttons to make you horny as hell. Try Barcelona’s red light district when you’re done; it’s equally hot. Ibiza doesn’t even need a presentation; all of you guys know just how great this city is for sex tourism, don’t you?


Choose your favorite sex destination, grab some airplane tickets and enjoy!

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