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What You Need To Know About Anal Gaping

First of all, I have to divide my personal and professional parts of life. In my private life I often practice anal sex as an additional thing but never as the main one. Sometimes I do anal masturbations in the shower but I don’t think it’s possible to cum this way. Of course I cannot imagine good sex without anal.

On the contrary, during the shootings I am mostly engaged in hard anal actions but cannot say that I always enjoy them, sometimes they are only for good performance.

What Is Anal Gaping?

Anal gaping means stretching ass muscles till the limits so as to see a big hole and even what’s inside. I feel excited having a huge cock in my ass and masturbating on my scenes after. I like to impress and shock people with my gaping skills, I find their reaction amusing. It makes me feel happy and confident in my sexuality.


Preparation For Anal Gape

It takes me around 10-15 minutes of training to make a big gape. I am very good at it and can even wink with my ass muscles. Common sex doesn’t help in this case and I use any suitable things of proper sizes. Sometimes I try poppers and other relaxing substances.

Objects I Love Using

I can use sex toys, dildos and their substitutes like vegetables or fruit for stretching. I am also able to fist my ass myself or ask somebody to do it for me. The biggest toy I’ve ever tried is a huge pyramid of 11 cm diameter and 25 cm high but It’s hardly possible to sit on it fully. I’ve also practiced double fisting and absorbed a couple of big extra balls.


How To Prevent Hurting

As for me, the main tip is correct and regular training, like in sports, with lots of lubricant. As any muscles, anal ones have to get used to regular gradual stretching to have a great effect later. I don’t use any anesthetized drugs to keep the sensitiveness.

Tips When Trying For The First Time

Of course, you should be ready mentally and physically to feel hurt as it’s not pleasant the first time. You need to practice it with a right person whom you fully trust and comfortable with. Everyone has its own feeling of anal gaping, sometimes it is different from usual expectations.

Isabella Clark – I am Isabella Clark, international pornstar performing for many years in the adult industry all over Europe. I am quite famous with my outstanding gaping skills largely presented in movies by the Evil Angel and Legalporno productions that are specialized on it. I also worked for other big European and American companies and featured in lots of breathtaking and hottest scenes. I often travel around Europe and Asia and glad to collaborate with different studios and private people. You can contact me by mail for any bookings and suggestions, sign up for my personal website and follow me in social media Isabella_Clark1 on Twitter and Isabella._Clark on Instagram. I am open for any ideas!

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