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Terra Brasilis

“For the past years, I’ve been trying to understand why I feel so suffocated in Brazil. I always thought that returning to your homeland is difficult because it makes you have to deal with who you were, but it’s actually easy to forget the past. On the other hand, dealing with who you could have been had been a much harder task.”

This series is a collection of images from Chris Phillips’ travel to Brazil during the month of March 2016. It is not only a visual travel diary but also a short reflection about the Brazilian stereotypes around sex, gender, and race. The photos show different moments of the trip, where the photographer explores with an outsider’s eye his own home country, photographing a “stage intimacy” in bedroom settings to spontaneous snapshots of an underground sex party or people on the beach. The photos were taken in five different cities: Brasília, Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Brumadinho (Inhotim).

Born in Brazil and based in Berlin, Chris Phillips is a photographer/filmmaker with an MA on Visual Anthropology.


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