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Super foods that boost your performance in bed!

The winter holiday means one important thing: free days that lead to hot, steamy sex. But, after some hectic days, both at home and at the office, your sexual endurance may suffer, so here is where we step in with some suggestions on what to eat in order to boost your stamina and performance in bed!

With the help of protein-rich foods, the body can perform better and sex will last longer. So, take our advice and include these super foods in your daily meals, if you plan on having a wild, sexy holiday!


1.      Avocados

This incredibly healthy food is a real aphrodisiac, rich in unsaturated fats, good for the heart and arteries. Avocado keeps the heart beating strong and the blood flowing to all the good places, making sure your erection is as strong as ever!


2.      The Fish Trio:


This incredibly healthy and tasty fish keeps you strong as a rock, under the belt, if you know what we mean! Rich in vitamins B12 and B6 and high in protein, this super fish will improve your erectile function.


Herring is another super fish, rich in B12 and vitamin C and a super source of magnesium. That’s why eating herring helps you maintain the health of your sperm and the testosterone in high levels.


If all the action in the bedroom has exhausted and dehydrated you, eat some sardines. Half of their body weight is water!


3.      Clams

This boner boosting super food is worldwide renowned for the benefits it brings to your sex life. Rich in B12, high in L-arginine and in proteins that are helping you build muscle, clams will help you obtain a sexy body.


4.      Brazilian Nuts & Cashew

Both Brazilian Nuts and Cashew are extremely high in magnesium and that leads to a good immune system and healthy sperm. The Brazilian Nuts are also rich in selenium, a very important mineral that helps you have healthy hormones.


5.      Chickpeas

Did you know how chickpeas are called in the medical world? The natural Viagra! And that’s because of their content high in protein, magnesium, and arginine. So, next time you book an escort for a date, make sure you eat some hummus!


6.      Lamb

Are you a meat person? Then next time you dine out to make sure to order some lamb! Not only it is an important protein source, but it’s also big in niacin, which helps you have a big, strong erection!


7.      Pine nuts

Looking forward to the holiday sex marathon? Then you’d better include some pine nuts in your daily diet to boost your sex drive and improve the quality of your sperm.


8.      Eggs

Eat eggs, so that your nuts stay healthy and your penis hard! Eggs are real boner-boosters, because of their special ingredient, choline. This magic ingredient relaxes the arteries, allowing the blood to flood the penis, offering you an impressive erection!


9.      Figs

Figs are amazing aphrodisiac fruits, because of their content high in soluble and insoluble fibers. That translates into great blood flow to the penis and great boners.


10.  Oranges and grapefruits

These tropical fruits are rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and folic acid – important ingredients for a healthy sex life, good libido, and impressive stamina. Next time you take your favorite escort to dinner, make sure you also have some citrus included into the menu.


Get ready for a couple of days of intense action by consuming some of the wonder foods mentioned above. You’ll surely have the stamina and libido that you need in order to rock your partner’s world!

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